Pet Doors

Doorman™ Pet Door - Professionally Installed


The Doorman™ works seamlessly with your pet's Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar®. When your pet approaches the door, it automatically unlocks, allowing them to come and go. No more having to open and close doors to let your pets in or out. No more scratched doors or chewed furniture due to anxiety.


  • Automatically locks, keeping unwanted visitors out.
  • Programmable settings to lock or unlock your pet door day and night.
  • Made with durable, draft reducing flaps.
  • Can be fitted on interior or exterior doors.
  • Set different Doorman™ access for each of your pets.
  • Professional Installation Included ; our local experts are specifically trained to custom-fit your home and your pet with the Doorman™
The Doorman is compatible with our MicroLite® and Boundary Plus® Computer Collar®. If you have a different collar, or are uncertain which collar you have, please contact us at 800-578-3647.

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