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It's more than a fence. It's a lifestyle.

Beyond the pet fence.

Invisible Fence® Brand is more than an electric dog fence—it's a way to live confidently and safely with your pet. In addition to offering complete pet solutions for indoors, outdoors and in between, Invisible Fence® also provides custom training for all breeds, ages, sizes and personalities because we believe no pet or family are the same.

Outdoor Pet Solutions

Give your pets the freedom to explore outside.

Say goodbye to your dog digging in the garden, jumping over the fence or chasing squirrels. The fact is, pets love to play. But they don’t always play it safe. That’s why Invisible Fence® is the pioneer of the pet containment industry—allowing pets to explore their yard, all within safe boundaries.

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Indoor Pet Solutions

Keep your pet inside the house and out of trouble.

The great indoors might seem like a safe place for your dog or cat. But even the happiest home can be full of temptations—like jumping on counters, getting in the trash, or chewing furniture. That’s why Invisible Fence® offers smart, simple, customizable Indoor Solutions to protect your pet… and your home.

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Electronic Pet Door

Independence to come and go as you please.

With our innovative Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door, your pet has total freedom to go outside and come back in—so you can worry less about pet accidents in the house. The Doorman is an automatic pet door that is programmable, convenient and secure. Plus, it’s compatible with our other solutions and products.

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How It Works

How our containment systems keep your pet protected.

First, a wire is installed around the perimeter of your property, establishing your pet's Invisible Boundary® perimeter. A transmitter, usually placed in your basement or garage, sends a radio signal along the wire. The radio signal is picked up by your pet's Computer Collar, which emits a warning sound when your pet approaches the Invisible Boundary. Our hands-on training ensures your pet recognizes and respects their boundaries.

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Have questions? Here are a few things that other pet owners have asked. We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have about our solutions. Please give us a call at (800) 578-3647 or send us a message.

Woman and dog staring kindly at each other in a yard.Woman and dog staring kindly at each other in a yard.

Take the Next Step to Pet Safety

At Invisible Fence® Brand, we’re passionate about protecting pets so you can focus on fun! Let’s talk and we’ll find the gentle, effective, affordable solution that’s right for you and your pet.

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