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Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap® Batteries are specially engineered to offer consistency, reliability and superior quality to ensure your pet's security 100% of the time.

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Confidence in value, quality, and safety.

Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap® Batteries take away the stress and anxiety of owning a pet by guaranteeing that your pets are safe, happy, and healthy at home. Our superior design, construction, and engineering consistently exceed industry standards and are the only batteries authorized by Invisible Fence® Brand to be used in your pet's Computer Collar® Receiver. By using Invisible Fence® Brand genuine parts and components, you can be confident that your pet containment system will work correctly every time to keep your pets happy and safe at home.

Our Power Cap® Plans make your life even easier and are the most cost-effective way to keep your pet protected. When you sign up for a plan, we will automatically send you a new battery at a regular cadence so you always have a fresh one on hand when you need it.