Invisible Fence® Brand Outdoor Solutions

Protect your garden and your pet with Outdoor Shields® Solutions

  • Keep Your Dog From Digging In Your Flowerbed:

    Keep your dog out of your garden with Outdoor Shields® Solutions that blend naturally into your landscape. The rock-like shields can create boundaries around your landscaping, as well as keep your dog from accidentally eating harmful plants or compost. 

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  • Keep Your Dog Out of the Pool:
    With an adjustable circular signal field up to 12 feet in diameter, Outdoor Shields® Solutions will keep your dog out of the pool, no matter the size. This way your dogs can go for a swim on your terms.

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  • Stop Muddy Paws
    Outdoor Shields® Solutions use Invisible Boundary® to keep your dog out of the mud and keep muddy paws out of your home. Set the rock-like shield in high-traffic or low areas of your yard, so your dog stays mud-free and so does your house.

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An All-In-One Protection Plan for Your Pet

Invisible Fence® Brand solutions are all fully compatible and work together to solve common problems faced by pet owners. Find out more about how each of our solutions works together to keep your pet protected.

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