Invisible Fence® Brand Outdoor Solutions

Let your dog play safely in your yard with Boundary Plus® Technology

  • Keep Your Dog in Your Yard:

    Boundary Plus® Technology provides up to 30% more yard space for your dog to play with Invisible Boundary® protection that will stop your dog from escaping your yard.

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  • Stop Your Dog From Jumping the Fence:
    Traditional fences can still give your dog access to leave your yard. Stop your dog from jumping the fence or digging under the fence with the Invisible Boundary® protection of Boundary Plus® Technology.

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  • Stop Your Dog From Chasing Cars:
    Boundary Plus® Technology creates boundaries to stop your dog from leaving your yard to chase cars, bicycles or squirrels. Our certified trainers teach your dog how to stay within his boundaries and avoid temptations outside the yard.

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Invisible Fence® Brand solutions are all fully compatible and work together to solve common problems faced by pet owners. Find out more about how each of our solutions works together to keep your pet protected.

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