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Solutions for Your Feline Companion

Indoor & Outdoor Systems for Your Cat
Solutions for Your Feline CompanionSolutions for Your Feline Companion

Invisible Fence Brand's commitment to providing both indoor avoidance systems and outdoor containment solutions demonstrates a comprehensive approach to keeping pets safe and secure. By tailoring systems to each cat's individual needs, you're ensuring that your pet receives the protection they require to thrive within their environment.


Invisible Fence® Brand’s overall mission is pet protection. That’s why we have created indoor and outdoor solutions to keep your furry friend protected from dangerous plants, non-cat-friendly rooms, and from climbing on clean countertops.


With over 50 years of experience, our professional trained experts provide guidance and training from start to finish customized to each individual need so both you and you cat(s) feel comfortable with confident with your new Invisible Fence® Brand system.


Both our indoor and outdoor solutions are discreet, portable, and offer the luxury of adjustable boundaries. With the largest US-based customer support center in the industry, our local representatives are available to you when you need them.

Invisible Fence® Brand Solutions keep your cat safe

Take The Next Step to Your Cat's Freedom

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Protect Your Pet With Invisible Fence® Brand