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GPS Made Better

The Only GPS Fence You Can Trust
GPS Made BetterGPS Made Better

Introducing the World’s Most Accurate GPS Fence Technology

At Invisible Fence® Brand, we understand that your pet's safety and well-being is a top priority as a pet owner. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest innovation: The Invisible Fence® GPS Collar. The only GPS containment system backed by expert training, best in-class support, and peace of mind knowing your pet has the freedom they deserve.

Unmatched Technology

  • Industry-leading patented technology.
  • Longest battery life of any GPS system on the market.
  • Customize up to 20 boundaries without any burying of wire.

Effortless App Usability

  • Quickest app set up with user-friendly technology.
  • Real-time tracking with instant notifications sent to your smartphone.
  • Access to video library of training resources.

Expert Training

  • Step-by-step training derived from our certified animal-behaviorists.
  • Largest base of pet experts with hands-on assistance and personalized training.
  • US-based customer service team available when you need them.

Protect Your Pet with the Only GPS Fence You Can Trust

gps collar with phone appgps collar with phone app

Most Advanced Technology in the Industry

Where freedom meets innovation. Our most accurate GPS fence technology provides you with the confidence in your pet’s safety while gifting them with freedom of exploration.

Properties 3/4 Acres or More

Properties 3/4 Acres or More

Customize up to 20 Fences

Customize up to 20 Fences

Superior Real-Time Tracking

Superior Real-Time Tracking

Battery Life Up To 48 Hours

Battery Life Up To 48 Hours

What sets us apart: Expert Training Resources

When it comes to pet safety, accuracy is everything. Our training video series library is designed to train your dog comfortably to their boundaries. We cover everything from testing your dog for pre-existing sensitivities (PTSD, trauma, collar aversions, etc.,), how to set up your boundary and configure your collar, to conduct each lesson phase while carefully and gently increasing your dog’s correction levels based on their progress. We cover the bases on collar removal every time your dog is indoors as well as the exit ritual for taking your dog off the property

What Sets Us Apart

Halo Collar

Protects your pet with GPS and AI technology

Minimum yard size 3/4 acre or more

Fence remains active when GPS signal is weak

Lowest risk of your dog running through the boundary*

Lowest risk of dog being randomly corrected inside the boundary*

Reinforces boundaries for dogs that test the fence often

Additional built-in protection for stubborn dogs

Best protection in tree cover

Accurate within 4ft on average*

Professional pet training available

Professional installation available

Millions of pets protected by brand

*Based on testing sites with various conditions.

Taking the Next Step in Pet ProtectionTaking the Next Step in Pet Protection

Taking the Next Step in Pet Protection

At Invisible Fence® Brand, we’re passionate about protecting pets wherever their adventures may lead them. Our latest innovation and most advanced technology yet, takes the stress of pet safety from your hands and into the professionals. Still on the fence?

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