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GPS Collar Pro Series Unleashed

GPS made easier with full service.
GPS Collar Pro Series Unleashed
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Most Advanced Technology in the Industry

Where freedom meets innovation. Our most accurate GPS fence technology provides you with the confidence in your pet’s safety while gifting them with freedom of exploration.

Properties 3/4 acre or more

Properties 3/4 acre or more

Create up to 20 fences

Create up to 20 fences

Superior real-time tracking*

Superior real-time tracking*

Battery life up to 48 Hours

Battery life up to 48 Hours

*Tracking Subscriptions: One-year subscription included in Pro Series, then $199 that auto-renews annually.

Introducing Our Full Service GPS Collar Pro Series

At Invisible Fence Brand, we believe pets are family. That’s why we’re proud to be the leader of the pet containment industry for over 50 years and counting by providing professional installation, in-person assistance, and certified training you can’t get anywhere else. Our latest innovation: Invisible Fence GPS Collar just got better with our Pro Series package to deliver the best experience and most effective protection for both you and your furry friend.

More Than a Collar: Expert Set Up and Training

When it comes to pet safety, accuracy is everything. With the release of our new GPS Collar Pro Series, our certified trainers are here to ensure confidence in both you and your pet when adapting to your new system. At your first training session, our pet experts will take time to get to know your pet and their environments, test for pre-existing sensitivities (PTSD, trauma, collar aversions, etc.,) and begin training. They will walk you through step-by-step app functionality, how the collar works, how to adjust correction levels properly, and more.

What Sets Us Apart

GPS Collar

Halo Collar

51 years experience in pet containment

3 hands-on training sessions by professional trainers***

Accurate within 4ft on average*

Superior continued GPS protection even with several trees overhead

Fence remains active when GPS signal is weak**

First year of Pro subscription included

Professional installation and set up

Premium support including in-home appointments

Enhanced warranty on collar base

Minimum yard size 3/4 acre or more

*Based on testing sites with various conditions.
**Halo Collar can vary up to 50ft
*** Training varies by location.

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