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No Invisible Fence® GPS Collar Notifications on My Phone

I’m Not Getting the Invisible Fence® GPS Collar Notifications on My Phone.

This article for troubleshooting steps when you're not getting Invisible Fence® GPS Fence collar notifications to your phone.

CAUTION: App notifications are dependent on cellular connections. Should signals be intermittent or interrupted for any reason, or if your phone service is not functional for any reason, you will not receive desired notices from the system promptly or at all. Therefore, you should not rely upon phone notifications alone for the safe containment of your pet.
  1. Check your phone settings and confirm the app has permission to send notifications.
  2. Confirm in the app settings notifications are turned on.
  3. Check the collar to confirm it is connected to LTE. The collar will slowly blink white 3 times every second if it is not receiving an LTE signal.

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