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Invisible Fence® GPS Collar Will Not Connect to Phone

My Invisible Fence® GPS Collar Will Not Connect to My Phone.

This article is for troubleshooting steps when your Invisible Fence® GPS Collar will not connect to your phone.

  1. Confirm that the phone’s Bluetooth is on.
  2. Confirm Bluetooth access is approved in your phone’s settings.
  3. Confirm collar is fully charged and entering Bluetooth mode when turned on. The collar will slowly blink yellow every second when in Bluetooth pairing mode.
  4. If your collar does not go into Bluetooth Pairing mode when turned on, try manually putting your collar back into Bluetooth Mode.

With the collar turned off, press and hold the power button continuously for 5 seconds. The collar will beep low to high and the collar LED will glow blue and then slowly blink yellow, indicating it is in Bluetooth pairing mode.

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