Recycle your used Power Cap® batteries today!

Invisible Fence® Brand is partnered with The Big Green Box to assist you in recycling your used Power Cap® Batteries safely and responsibly. Our trusted partner is an industry leader in battery recycling and responsibly recycles the entire Power Cap® Battery.

There are three easy ways to turn in your used Power Cap® Batteries:

  1. DROP OFF: Stop in at your local dealership and place your used Power Cap® unit(s) in our green recycling bin. (Not available in all markets.) 
  2. HAND-OFF: Give your used Power Cap® batteries to an Invisible Fence® Brand team member if they are visiting your home for service or training.
  3. MAIL: If you are on a battery plan, use the same envelope in which you received your fresh Power Cap® Battery.
    • Save postage by saving and sending up to four used Power Cap® batteries in the same envelope
    • Address and afix postage to the front of the envelope, securely re-seal and mail!
    • Please Note: Return postage for four Power Cap® batteries is approximately 5-6 Forever stamps.
*Proper postage is required. Only Power Cap® batteries may be placed in the return envelope. Any other items may be subject to loss.

Thank you for being Green!
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