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Your pet is a part of your family. We understand. That’s why Invisible Fence® Brand created solutions to keep dogs and cats out of trouble and in your good graces. That means less stress for you--and more tummy-rubs for you-know-who.

Learn how Invisible Fence can make life easier for you, and keep your pet safe and happy at home!

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Common Questions

Have questions? Here are a few that other pet owners have asked. And we’re happy to help answer other questions you may have about Invisible Fence Solutions.

  • Does Invisible Fence® Brand work Indoors?
    Yes, it works with the same Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® Receiver that your pet wears outdoors.
  • How much does it cost?
    Cost depends on the number of pets, size of property, number of training sessions and equipment purchased. We determine a solution that fits your needs and budget. To get an exact price fill out the form today.
  • Is the Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® waterproof?
    The Computer Collar® Receiver is waterproof and can be submerged in water up to 10 feet.
  • Is the Invisible Fence® Brand system safe?

    Yes, Invisible Fence® Brand Solutions are safe and humane. They come highly recommended by veterinarians, professional dog trainers and animal behavioral experts.

  • Can I use it to separate pets?
    Yes, you can keep one pet outside while allowing another to enter, you can separate food bowls, or even keep a certain pet off of the couch - the options are endless.
  • What does the correction feel like?
    The correction is similar to the sensation you feel when you run your hand across a TV screen. The sensation momentarily surprises you and gets your attention.
  • What happens next?
    Fill out the short form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.  We'll answer all your questions, customize a solution and give you an exact price.
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