Invisible Fence® Brand Indoor Solutions

Protect your pet and your home with Indoor Shields® Solutions

  • Stop Your Cat Scratching the Furniture:

    With an adjustable signal, Indoor Shields® Solutions create a barrier to stop your cat from scratching your sofa or chair.

  • Keep Pet Hair Off Furniture:
    Prevent your sofa from being covered in dog hair with Indoor Shields® solutions. Help your pets learn their boundaries so your furniture is protected even when you’re not home.
  • Keep Your Cats Off the Counter:
    With a circular radius field up to 12 feet, Indoor Shields® solutions will stop your cat jumping on the counter or out of your kitchen altogether.
  • Stop Dog Chewing Furniture:

    Stop your dog chewing the furniture without the use of harsh chemicals and spray deterrents that can also cause damage to your furniture.

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An All-In-One Protection Plan for Your Pet

Invisible Fence® Brand solutions are all fully compatible and work together to solve common problems faced by pet owners. Find out more about how each of our solutions works together to keep your pet protected.

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