Invisible Fence® Brand Doorman™ Pet Door

Give your dog control with the Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door

  • Stop Your Dog Peeing in the House:

    Stop your dog peeing in the house by letting him show himself out with the Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door. In addition to being the perfect potty training tool, automatic pet doors are also a great way for your pet to relieve itself while owners are at work all day.

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  • Keep Your Cat From Using the Dog Door:
    The Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door can be programmed with different rules for different pets. Set your electronic pet door to only open for your cat to keep your dog from using the cat door (or vica versa, keep your cat from using the dog door). 

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  • Give Your Dog a Break From Extreme Weather:
    Give your dog a break from the extreme heat or cold. The Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door can be programmed to give your dog access at certain times of the day and let them retreat back inside when weather is too harsh.

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