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Becoming a Pet Partner

Join Invisible Fence® Brand as a pet partner to ensure safety, wellness, and the gift of ultimate freedom.
Becoming a Pet Partner

At Invisible Fence Brand, we believe pets are family. That’s why we partner with local organizations such as shelters, veterinary offices, breeders, and groomers to ensure pets are always protected.

Why Invisible Fence® Brand

Since 1973, Invisible Fence Brand has been dedicated to protecting pets with our patented technology proven with efficiency and safety. We provide pet owners peace of mind while granting their pets the freedom to live healthy, happy lives. Through our pet partnership program, we can join forces with organizations that share our same mission. Over 50 years later, we’re proud to have served more than 3 million pets worldwide with our wide range of solutions tailored to every pet’s needs.

298authorized dealers
Over 1 Millionpet friendly acres
Over 3 Millionsafer, happier pets
301dog years of experience

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