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Why People Prefer Invisible Fence®

Why People Prefer Invisible Fence®Why People Prefer Invisible Fence®

Invisible Fence® Brand has lead the pet containment industry for 50+ years with over 3 million pets protected. We'd like to introduce you to some of our furry friends and their families.

Us Vs. Our Competition

We have two very active dogs and recently moved to a new home without a fenced in area for them. We were very excited about trying the Halo collars - we liked the option of being able to create our own boundaries and create alternate boundaries while visiting friends/family, camping, etc. But we noticed quickly that the Halo collars and "set boundaries" were unreliable - the collars would go off within the boundaries we set (not good) and sometimes wouldn't alert us or the dogs when they would cross the boundaries (not good). We spoke with the previous homeowners who had mentioned they had used IFB for their dogs - which was a bonus for us because the in-ground was already in place at our property. Sure enough, we called IFB and spoke with Tami, who worked with our already existing system and offered upgrades and on-site training (Halo does not offer anything but vague YouTube training videos). We are excited to work with IFB and are more excited to keep our dogs, neighbors, and our own sanity - safe and secure.

Alyssa Elliot


After my experience with the Halo collar which I returned for a full refund after about 3 weeks, Invisible fence was a welcome relief. Halo would likely be good for some people who were more experienced in the virtual world, but I wanted simplicity i.e., no apps or complicated set-up, no guessing where the GPS borderline was located, and a less extensive training schedule. Invisible Fence filled the bill. I knew exactly where the borderline was located, and my Malamute caught on quickly. Training was simplified and set-up was a breeze as my trainer/installer, Jeremy, knew his business very well! Finally, the battery in the Invisible Fence collar lasts about 3 months rather than having to be charged nightly with the Halo collar. All in all, for me, Invisible fence was a better choice.

Invisible Fence® Brand Customer


I have been extremely happy with our Invisible Fence system through four generations of German Shepherds. We currently have a Rottweiler and an Irish Wolfhound mix. The system has kept my dogs’ home and safe but allows them to run and chase wild rabbits and squirrels. The team of technicians and dog trainers at Invisible Fence have always responded quickly and knowledgeably when we needed training for new dogs or when we updated our fencing. Debbie Burke has always been a great source of information and service for many years. I wouldn't trust any other brand of fencing.

Tammy Crain


Knowing that I have a system that is going to work and knowing it was catered to my dog's needs, that's probably the best thing [Invisible Fence®] ... the peace of mind that they bring.
- Austin L | Former Halo Customer

Why Training Matters

Raleigh is awesome. She has been over twice to train our two pups and has gone above and beyond to provide further education on the training process. She is professional, friendly, communicative, on time, great with our pups, and answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend . Thank you for all your help, Raleigh!

Taylor Dehne

Grand Rapids

Brook is amazing. She is always on time. Being on the is always important for me since I have kids I sports. She originally installed my system in November of 2023 and when she came out to fix it today after I accidentally cut the wire, I was pleasantly surprised she remember so many details about my fur babies. Brook is an asset to Invisible Fence

Don Snyder


Nicole was our dog trainer through Invisible Fence. She was excellent. Her guidance and instructions really worked. We had 9 sessions. Each session tackled a new task, and reinforced previous training. If we couldn’t practice a task from prior sessions, she reinforced them with our dog and never made us feel bad for not practicing the tasks. She listened to our needs and concerns regarding our dog and gave us steps and pointers on accomplishing behavioral corrections and training. At the end of each session, she wrote up what was accomplished and what to work on. Nicole surpassed our expectations as a dog trainer, and she has a very nice way about her. She likes what she does and therefore it is reflected in her work. She is professional and compassionate as a dog trainer. We highly recommend this experience.

Cecile Simmons


I had an excellent experience from beginning to end. Our beagle mix is happy and safe outside! We were very impressed with everyone's promptness, communication and helpfulness. I highly recommend Invisible Fence to anyone with a pet. If it can work with our scent hound who chases *everything* then it will work with your pets! Update! 5 years later we got a new dog and after some initial training we decided he’s good enough to stay! We were very pleased with the updated training process and our Petey loved his technician, Brook. We are still very pleased with the entire process and we recommend Invisible Fence to all our friends. Thanks Brook!

Randy Dodds


Since getting the Invisible Fence our anxiety has dropped significantly. We let our [2] dogs out and feel confident and safe that they are in a safe happy place and that's the best feeling ever.
- Laura, Cash & Bucket

Confidence in Pet Safety

Now on my third dog using Invisible Fence. So grateful for this company. Truly puts my mind at ease and keeps my dogs in the yard while giving them plenty of space to roam. Erin, thank you for all your help. You make the process so easy.

Mary Ellis


Our dog Jazz was adopted by us approximately five months ago. She had suffered abuse and is rather terrified of new experiences. Emily Colon with Invisible Fence has worked with Jazz who needs a different and slower approach to the invisible fence. Jazz loves her and has made significant progress. Emily’s knowledge and patience has been invaluable. We appreciate that she didn’t give up and gave us ways to aid in Jazz’s adaptation to the fence.

Kathy Mazzoli


Cricket aka Brett came out to upgrade our system. He first spent time with our dog Willow, he was patient and kind with her, she has a few issues because of being a rescue. He was very good with her throughout his visit. He fixed our line break, upgraded our system, and then he explained the inside training which we did with Willow. Brett is returning for her next two training sessions too. I highly recommend Invisible Fence and make sure you ask for Brett!

Jo Ann Becker


This is one of the best investments we have ever made. Our dog is a mastiff mix and it isn't possible to put a fence around the whole area. Our trainer Jeff did an amazing job with both our dog and us. This is the easiest recommendation I have ever made. Well worth it.

Barry Barrett


They love being outside and knowing they're safe because they are protected by Invisible Fence® Brand. They have all adjusted quickly to the system and training.
- the @carbdogs | New York


We bought our system after talking with Christine. Wow… Everything she said was right on. She continues, months later, to check on us and make sure things are going well. A few times we have had her come back to clear a few things up for us. She is always readily available, over the phone, or text messages. When she does come back, she treats our Miss Murphy with love, understanding and a lot of patience. Highly recommend you talk to her if you are considering Invisible Fence. She will tell it like it is… and what she says is the way it will be.

Leala Day

West Palm Beach

I'm so grateful to Invisible Fence for helping us give our puppy freedom to use the whole yard. The team is so professional and wanted to make sure our puppy was safe and contained to our property. Austin came out to do a couple of trainings and taught us how to coach Charlie quickly. He's such an amazing resource. No more leash walking!

Kelly Hinkle


One year with Invisible Fence and by far the best investment we have made to contain our two active bird dogs. They enjoy the freedom to run and explore within the fence boundaries. Excellent experience with the technicians all four visits. This past home visit was an impressive 24-hour turnaround from scheduling an appointment to having someone at our door. Nathan was our technician, and he is top notch. I received a helpful time update from him so I could go about my day without staying at the house for a window of several hours. He was professional and quick to remedy the problem without making me feel rushed. He took extra time to explain a couple of things I forgot and a few things I missed the first rounds of training. You can tell he enjoys his job and is very good at it. The up-front service plan was ultimately a money saver for us. And even with the temptation of chasing the local wildlife, our dogs understand and abide by their boundaries which is impressive for active dogs bred to run far. If given the choice, we would invest in this fence all over again. Happy contained dogs and excellent technicians are a good combo.

Kelly Wright


Invisible Fence® Brand has truly been a lifesaver for us. What we really love is that they send actual trainers to work with your dog hands-on.
- Meghan Tieff, Maryland

Lifelong Satisfaction

We’ve been Invisible Fence customers for more than a decade. Can honestly say that the level of service provided by our rep, Christine Boy, is unmatched. She’s a rockstar. Always responsive, cares about understanding her customers’ needs and unfailingly delivers on her promises. We will continue to use Invisible Fence to help in the care and safety of our pets because the product and staff are top notch. Highly recommend.

Trish Moxam

West Palm Beach

We have had Invisible Fence for over 20 years. Best investment ever! Yesterday Rosie from your place came to train our newly adopted 5-year-old rescue pup on the fence. She was great with Esther and explained everything as we went along. She left with me feeling completely confident to continue with the training on my own and gave me her number to call with any questions or concerns. I know Esther will be enjoying freedom in our yard for years to come just like our previous 3 dogs did.

Mary Jo Scot


My family and I have worked with electric fence for at least 10 years. Recently we rescued a lab who needed a more gentle and caring hand, which our amazing trainer provided. Throughout the time my family and I have had the electric fence I have NEVER met a trainer like Kristen. She is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and cares about her clients, especially the dogs. It was a privilege to work with her. Thank you, Kristen!

Crystal Lisitano

St. Louis

Invisible Fence has and continues to make a positive difference in our dogs' and my family's lives. We have had invisible fence for almost 5 years and at 2 different houses with great results. We have 2 big dogs- 100 lbs and 50 lbs- who were vet difficult initially to train, but the Invisible Fence team was dedicated and made it work. We recently have had some new challenges with one of dogs and again the team has been very responsive to our dogs needs and have worked with us to resolve the issues. I can't say enough positive things about this brand. Highly recommend this product and the company!

Jo Ann Audette


Invisible Fence® Brand gives us the peace of mind to not worry and know Cooper is safe in our yard. As a veterinarian I know their static levels are safe and I wasn't worried about Cooper being hurt.
- Dr Molly Brinkman | Tennessee

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