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Boundary Plus® GPS Wireless Dog Fence

No buried wire. Complete peace of mind.
Boundary Plus® GPS Wireless Dog Fence

Boundary Plus® GPS Wireless System

Our GPS satellite technology is the most advanced technology on the market with options to customize boundaries in the size and shape you choose.

Best dog fence for large properties.

There’s no maximum yard size; however, GPS Wireless Containment is best suited for properties that are 1 acre or more in size. Best dog fence for farms and acreage.

Works across varied terrain, including water.

Our GPS wireless pet containment can be customized for your property. No digging. No terrain restrictions, but a qualified technician will make sure that neighbors, roads and other factors aren't an issue.

Wireless boundaries customized to your lot.

Our technology prevents any “break-out” where a pet might run beyond the signal’s reach. That means there’s no chance for them to escape, and no need for you to worry. With Boundary Plus® GPS containment fencing, your pet stays in your yard. Our Location Assist™ technology boosts the GPS signal to provide increased accuracy when determining the location of your pet.

How Does A GPS Wireless Fence Work?

Our GPS Wireless Fence is installed using a computer and online mapping; so, there are no wires to bury. Your pet’s perimeter boundary and boundaries are created using GPS coordinates to set posts along the specified boundary. The customizable boundary we create for your pet can be any size or shape you desire.

What Are the Limitations of GPS Wireless Fence?

The term GPS can oftentimes be confused for tracking. Our GPS Mobile Collar Unit is not a tracking device but rather the collar protects your pet from crossing the established boundary set by GPS coordinates. Since boundaries are created with a computer and not a wire, there’s no maximum yard size, but our GPS Wireless System is best suited for properties that are 1 acre or more in size.

gps plot mapgps plot map

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Woman and dog staring kindly at each other in a yard.Woman and dog staring kindly at each other in a yard.

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