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Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap® Batteries are specially engineered to offer consistency, reliability and superior quality to ensure your pet's security 100% of the time. Official Invisible Fence Brand patented Power Cap Batteries are the only safe battery to protect your pet. Failure of the Computer Collar® Receiver due to usage of an unauthorized battery would put your pet at risk, and may result in voiding the warranty.


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Purchase a Power Cap® Battery Plan:

  • An Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap Battery is the easiest way to ensure they stay safe.
  • Other batteries do not fit properly and can allow water into your pet's Computer Collar® Unit.
  • Even the best trained pets are susceptible to outside distractions, but a fresh Power Cap® Battery keeps them within their boundary.

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Peace of mind when it comes to value.

Compared to Invisible Fence Brand Power Cap Battery cells, other batteries just don't measure up. With a shorter, less reliable battery life than the specially designed Power Cap Battery units, cheaper batteries could end up costing you more money in the long run and may put your pet in jeopardy. These units are the only compatible 3-volt batteries authorized by Invisible Fence Brand to be used in your pet's Computer Collar Receiver while under warranty. Failure of the Computer Collar Unit due to usage of an unauthorized battery may result in voiding the warranty. By using Invisible Fence Brand genuine parts and components, you can be confident that your pet containment system will work correctly every time to keep your dogs and cats happy and safe at home.

Peace of mind when it comes to quality.

Invisible Fence Brand Power Cap Batteries take away the stress and anxiety of owning a pet by guaranteeing that your dogs and cats are safe, happy, and healthy at home. Our superior design, construction, and engineering consistently exceed industry standards. Ordinary batteries don't. Thanks to the quality of Invisible Fence Brand Power Cap Battery, you get peace of mind knowing that your system will work this time and every time.
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