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  • Service Plan
  • Service Plan

Service Plan


Free Service for:

  • Normal wear-and-tear to the Invisible Fence® Brand system
  • A boundary failing due to a wire break (up to 100 ft. of wire)
  • Damage to wire from erosion.
  • Power surge damage to control panel or surge protection system for Equipment failure

10% Off:
  • Receive 10% off all products and services for an entire year. (Discount is not available with online purchases and does not apply to the purchase of the Service Plan.)

What is NOT covered by the Program?
  • Service due to the addition of a new pet to the Invisible Fence® Brand System
  • Service that is due to loss of equipment
  • Changes to the design of the Invisible Fence® Brand system
  • Service to a property other than the Power Cap® mailing address

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