• Indoor Shields® Plus Transmitter
  • Indoor Shields® Plus Transmitter

Indoor Shields® Plus Transmitter


The transmitter is the heart of the system. It produces a signal that communicates with your pet’s Computer Collar® unit to keep your pet away from unwanted areas. The signal can be delivered from the transmitter either through a wireless sphere or through up to 150 feet of wire. The lightweight, portable design is easy to use and powered by an internal rechargeable battery pack. You may use the included AC adapter for locations near an electrical outlet. The AC adapter is also used for charging the transmitter.

Customer Reviews

princestonakia@live.com commented on September 27, 2016

My transmitter is no longer taking a charge. Is there a battery I can replace?
Kelly Pensenstadler
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Finleyille, PA 15332
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4921@live.com commented on September 14, 2016

I love these "shields". I have one on my steps to keep my dogs downstairs ~ and also in the kitchen so I'm not constantly tripping over wagging tails while I'm cooking dinner. I've even trained my cat to stay downstairs with it ~ so I'm a believer!!! You can't have too many of these!