The dog house.


Discover the collar that gives them a more secure and independent world.

Clear, easy-to-learn boundaries. Optimum play spaces. An open door. They get it all with Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® Receiver.

With guaranteed protection against breakouts on your property and a “free pass” feature for pets who test the boundary, our patented fence technology is the safest yet.


With behaviorist-approved training and professional installation, total home transformation comes out of the box.


Different Rules for Different Pets™ technology delivers best-in-show customization options for multiple pet homes.


One-collar access to secure, connected play areas in the house, through the door, to the edge of your yard.

Boundary Plus® Outdoor Pet Fence
  • Boundary Plus® Outdoor Pet Fence

    Boundary Plus Technology gives you advanced breakout protection with personal training that applies science of animal behavior. The result? A new chapter in your life with your pet.

Doorman™ Pet Door
  • Doorman™ Pet Door

    With the fully programmable Doorman™ Pet Door, your pets move freely between secure indoor and outdoor environments, all while your home stays secure.

Outdoor Shields® Plus Unit
  • Outdoor Shields® Plus Unit

    With an adjustable signal field of 2-10 feet, Outdoor Shields® Plus Solutions are a great way to protect delicate landscaping or protect your pets from pools, grills or fire pits.

Indoor Shields® Plus Unit
  • Indoor Shields® Plus Unit

    Providing an effective, easy-to-learn boundary for dining room, kitchen or nursery, Indoor Shields® Plus Solutions keep your pets out of the crate and in your good graces.

Indoor Micro Shields® Unit
  • Indoor Micro Shields® Unit

    Ideal for smaller areas in your home like garbage cans, litter boxes or Dad’s favorite armchair, Micro Shields® Units protect your pet from little temptations that can spell big trouble.


The beauty with the Doorman dog door is that they can let themselves in, let themselves out.

Jamie and Nick O.

I think Invisible Fence is the best investment we've made...after Nacho.

Sarah B.

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