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Invisible Fence® Brand Customer Reviews

Invisible Fence® Brand Customer ReviewsInvisible Fence® Brand Customer Reviews

Over 3 million pets have been protected and trained with Invisible Fence® Brand solutions. We'd like to introduce you to a few and their families.

Veterinarian and TikTok Influencer: Dr. Molly Brinkmann, Tennessee

Dr. Molly Brinkmann came to us looking for solutions to keep her Labrador, Cooper, safe at home when he started wandering her neighborhood looking for something yummy in neighbors' trash cans.

Learn More About Dr Molly Brinkmann

"Invisible Fence Brand gives us the peace of mind to not worry and know Cooper is safe in our yard."

Solutions for 10 Year Old Cooper

For the Brinkmann’s, Dr. Molly said it's important for Cooper to be able enjoy his time inside, outside and everywhere in between. Focusing on Cooper's safety and freedom throughout the home, our experts worked with the Brinkmann's to create their perfect solution.

Outdoor: Boundary Plus Smart® System

Indoor: SmartShields® Solution

Ultimate Freedom Accessory: Smart Doorman™ Pet Door

Fitness Trainer and Mom: Meghan Tieff, Maryland

As a fitness trainer, social media influencer and mom with two teenage boys, Meghan Tieff AKA Megan The Trainer, wanted to ensure her family's rescue dog, Luna, had unlimited access to her yard so she could remain active and healthy.

"What we really love is that they send actual trainers to work with your dog hands-on"

Solutions for 4-Year Old Luna

Invisible Fence, for us and our family, has allowed us to be more active with the dog and my 2 boys love throwing the ball to her and running with her in the yard.

Outdoor: Boundary Plus® Wired System

Indoor: Shields® Solutions

Ashleigh and Natalia Bepko: Second Generation Clients, Connecticut

The first thing the Bepko family did after purchasing their suburban Connecticut home was call us.

"My parents had an Invisible Fence growing up so we knew once we finally got a house and land that was exactly what we wanted to do," Ashleigh Bepko explained. After living in apartments for most of their lives, Colby and Summer were able to ditch the tie outs and leashes and start enjoying the freedom thanks to our Boundary Plus® Wired System.

"The biggest benefit is knowing our dogs have the freedom to just be dogs."

Solutions for Colby, 10 and Summer, 11:

It's not just the dogs who love our solutions! "Just being able to open the door and let them go is something that is invaluable, especially when trying to get a toddler ready in the morning," Ashleigh said.

Outdoor: Boundary Plus® Wired System

Indoor: Shields® Solutions

Take The Next Step To Pet Freedom

We had immediate success with the training. We love the freedom of just letting them out in our yard with no worries.

D. Bourgault

I never thought the fence would work for Luke, Lenny and Buddy. Now, I tell everyone Invisible Fence is the real deal. These three stay in the yard even when the school bus unloads.

Charles S.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

I certainly made a big mistake trying another electronic containment system. Now that I switched to Invisible Fence, I am very satisfied and will continue to highly recommend Invisible Fence to my clients.

Rick Beldegreen, DVM

Newell Hickory Grove Animal Hospital

One house and three dogs later, Invisible Fence is still the best solution for keeping my dogs safe and healthy. They can run free in the yard and get the exercise they need to stay healthy and strong.

Bonnie M.

Webster, NY