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Invisible Fence® Brand was created out of a genuine passion for pets. And, ever since we pioneered the world’s first electronic dog fence in 1973, we’ve remained committed to keeping dogs and cats not just safe, but also happy — so owners like you can truly enjoy their company.

Pet Food Labels: What Organic, Natural, & Low-Fat Claims Really Mean

Every pet owner strives to make the best possible choices in order to promote lifelong health and well-being for his favorite fur person. For many owners, this means opting for natural products, organic foods and low-calorie diets. Butsometimes those words can be almost meaningless. Savvy consumers should know the definitions of these words when attached to the products they buy.



Pet Anxiety? The Path to Peace

Life in the 21st century is crazy-busy.

Between running kids to school and sports and music lessons, working, keeping the household running, and maybe even trying to squeeze in a trip to the gym…you’re busy and more than a little stressed out.

Guess what? Your pets pick up on that. And when you’re stressed, they can start feeling a little stressed too. Prolonged anxiety can extend beyond just an unpleasant time; if ignored, it can lead to health and behavior problems.


Preparing Your Pet for Spring

Springtime is here and it’s time to get your pal ready for the warmer weather ahead. You’re doing it for your home, your car even your pet needs some spring cleaning to stay comfortable and well-groomed as the weather heats up.


Choosing The Right Vet

Remember that the only silly question is the one that you do not ask. Your veterinarian and his staff is there to provide you and your pet with a lifetime of quality, compassionate, qualified health care.


Fitness For Fido

Pets who have had their bodies and their minds stimulated by regular play tend to act out problem behaviors less frequently.


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