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Ideas and insights from the experts on pets’ total well being.

Invisible Fence® Brand was created out of a genuine passion for pets. And, ever since we pioneered the world’s first electronic dog fence in 1973, we’ve remained committed to keeping dogs and cats not just safe, but also happy — so owners like you can truly enjoy their company.

The Best Toys for Each Type of Dog

In honor of May being National Pet Month, you have all the more reason to treat your pet to a toy. In this blog, we breakdown the best toys for each type of dog - from heavy chewers, nervous dogs, food-driven dogs, interactive dog toys and more. Read more...

Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Millions of pet owners have searched "How do you deep clean a house with pets?" and "How can I keep my floors clean with my dog?" Keeping your house clean with dogs and cats roaming around is a common challenge - you aren't alone! Lucky for you though, we have the top cleaning tips for pet owners on how to get your house and pets ready for Spring.  Read more...

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