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Invisible Fence® Brand was created out of a genuine passion for pets. And, ever since we pioneered the world’s first electronic dog fence in 1973, we’ve remained committed to keeping dogs and cats not just safe, but also happy — so owners like you can truly enjoy their company.

How to Keep Your Dog in Your Yard

Many pet owners struggle with balancing freedom with safety when it comes to their pets. Not only do you want to keep your pet away from the dangers of the street, but you also want to keep your dog from accidentally damaging your neighbor’s property. To help protect your pet, we put together our top tips on how to keep your dog in your yard. Read more...

How to Stop Your Dog from Peeing in the House

Many dog owners want to know how to stop their dog from peeing in the house. Unfortunately, house soiling or marking by dogs can be a hard habit to break. But this blog talks through possible reasons your dog is peeing in the house and how to deal with housetraining your puppy or dog, so you can avoid accidents all together. Read more...

7 Myths About Electric Dog Fences

When considering an electric pet fence, people commonly search questions like “will an electric fence hurt my dog?” or “are electric dog collars cruel?” In this blog, we will go over the common misconceptions and myths about electric dog fences and explain why Invisible Fence® Brand is the preferred choice among electric pet fence providers and leading animal behaviorists. Read more...

Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping on People

Greeting behavior, door charging and jumping up are all common dog behavior problems that a little patience and training can help overcome. As a company that has worked with over 3,000,000 pets, Invisible Fence® Brand has solutions to train your dog to stop jumping up at people. Read more...

How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Cat Poop

Many dog owners, especially those in multi-pet homes, ask how to stop their dog from eating cat poop. Unfortunately, this common behavior even has a name: coprophagia. And while it’s normal instinctual behavior, no one wants a kiss from their furry best friend after they have been snacking in a litterbox. We're here to help! Read more...

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