But to a pair of pets locked in mortal combat for your love and affection, that’s just human-talk for preferential treatment. Wet food in the cat dish? The dog doesn’t stop to reason through gastrointestinal difference; he sees you playing favorites. And the dog flap in the back door? The cat doesn’t count her blessings at the litter box; she’s thinking special privileges. It’s sibling rivalry, and it’s an old, old story. But oh, do we have a plot twist for you: We call it Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology, and it just might change the way you live with your pets.

Getting along just got easier

You know those lovable quirks and mischievous mood swings that only you can predict? Well now your Invisible Fence® Brand System can predict them too. Through the magic of personalization, Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology wages peace of multiple pet households. Essentially a collar-recognition technology, Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology can be integrated with just about any configuration of solutions from Invisible Fence® Brand to give each of your pets personalized settings that match their unique needs and habits. Want Doorman™ to unlock for the sarge but stay put for the pup? You got it. Want Spot to respect the milk bowl as exclusive to Whiskers? Indoor Shields® can help with that, too. Whatever their numbers, if they’ve got a collar, your pets live by their own rules. Ask your dealer about setting up Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology on your system today.

A versatile solution

How many solutions in the Invisible Fence® Brand family are equipped with the Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology? Just about all of them:
  • Boundary Plus® Pet Fence
  • 800 Series Digital Pet Fence
  • Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door
  • Micro Shields® Indoor Solution
  • Indoor Shields® Plus Solution

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