But first, meet Teddy!

Teddy is a part Corgi/part Chow found on PetFinder.com when he was only a year old. He traveled all the way from West Virginia to be with his new pet family in Southeast Michigan. Like other part-chow dogs they owned, Teddy is very intelligent. His dad used to say that chows pass along their brainpower!
Why did Teddy’s parents contact Invisible Fence of Southeast Michigan?

Teddy's family already had Invisible Fence outdoor containment installed on their acre yard for previous pets. They chose it because of the size of their yard and because they live in a semi-rural neighborhood with the occasional woodland visitors - like deer and resident squirrels and rabbits.

Since Teddy was their third dog to use the electric dog fence, they were well acquainted with the process to add a new dog to their existing invisible fence system. They called their local authorized dealer, Invisible Fence of Southeast Michigan, and scheduled an appointment to have a technician check for wire breaks and a certified Perfect Start Plus trainer teach Teddy his new boundaries.

How did we safely train a Corgi-Chow Mix to use Invisible Fence?

Training Corgi-Chow Mix to Use Invisible Fence on acre yardAccording to American Kennel Club, both Chows and Corgis are known for being very smart dog breeds. While Chows tend to be more stubborn with training, Teddy leaned toward the Corgi's agreeable trait.

"Teddy apparently understood the message the fence relayed to his collar, as he made no attempt to cross the line and has not in the six years since." Said Elaine, Teddy's Owner.

Both of Elaine and her husband's previous dogs took longer to train since they were more tempered, but Teddy got the point from the very start. He will "walk the line" and run along the border but has not crossed over his boundary.

How has Invisible Fence helped Teddy live a happy, healthy life with his owner?

Elaine primarily stays at home since her husband died and feels confident that she can let Teddy out in the yard with no fear that he will run off - even when unrestrained neighbor dogs come to play in the yard. Teddy knows his boundaries all year-round since the signal comes through even when there is 10-inch layer of snow.

"My friends who are dog owners have grown tired of my sales pitches for Invisible Fence, I’m afraid.  But with over 10 years and three dogs worth experience, I have to spread the word." Said Elaine.

Want to learn more about how we can customize training for your dog or cat? Schedule a free in-home consultation with an Invisible Fence dealer near you.

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