Thousands of dog owners search for how to stop a dog from jumping up on people, doors, tables, fences, furniture, etc. You’re not alone! Greeting behavior, door charging and jumping up are all common dog behavior problems that a little patience and training can help overcome. As a company that has worked with over 3,000,000 pets, Invisible Fence® Brand has solutions to train your dog to stop jumping.

Keep reading to learn why dogs jump and how to prevent the behavior with training tips, toys and dog barriers.

Why Do Dogs Jump?

In all the excitement of a new arrival, it’s common for dogs to charge the front door or jump on visitors when they enter the house. Many dogs jump to get your attention. Knowing why your dog jumps is an important first step to training your dog to stop jumping on people.

Training Tips to Stop My Dog from Jumping on People

There are several training methods to prevent your dog from jumping on people. Regradless of which approach you take, remember teaching your dog not to jump takes patience and practice.

Some of the more common tips to prevent your dog from jumping on people at the door often include:
  • Rewarding good behavior
  • Teaching your dog to sit and stay
  • Withholding attention
  • Putting your dog on a leash
  • Crate training your dog
  • Moving your dog to another room

Toys to Stop My Dog from Jumping on People

More specifically, if you have a dog that likes to jump up on people as they enter your home, you can also try keeping your dog occupied with some toys. Providing your dog with a toy like the Busy Buddy® Chamomile-Scented Calming Toys will keep your dog engaged when visitors arrive. We like this approach because it allows you to practice with your dog, while still giving them independence to play.

Barriers to Stop My Dog from Jumping on People

Physical barriers, like baby gates, are another way to stop your dog from jumping up. The downside to physical barriers are that they are an eyesore and a hassle for humans to climb over. Invisible® barriers, like the Shields® Gate or Indoor Shields® Solutions, give you the best of both worlds. You can use these to train your dog to stop jumping up, while still letting you and your guests roam the halls (and doorways) seamlessly.

Watch this video to see how Invisible Fence solutions can help!
Getting your dog to stop jumping can be a challenge. But for 45 years, Invisible Fence® Brand has helped keep dogs off guests with our solutions, industry-leading training and expertise. Schedule a consultation to learn how Invisible Fence Shields® Units can provide safe boundaries for many indoor and outdoor scenarios.

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