Take a hike
Get outdoors in the fresh air, and clear your mind while your dog relishes in the many scents and sights that lay around the bend, such as a brook to wade in or a fallen tree to sniff. You’ll lower your cholesterol, according to the American Hiking Society, and burn calories. The American Heart Association says a person weighing 150 pounds walking at a rate of 2 mph will burn 240 calories an hour. So, you and your dog can shed pounds along the trail.

Source: Hike With Your Dog, American Hiking Society

Get agile
Dog agility can bring out the athlete in both of you. Your dog jumps over hurdles, runs through tunnels, and weaves through poles on the course while you run alongside, coaching your dog through the various obstacles. Scoring and testing play are both a huge role in dog agility competitions, but you don’t have to compete to get involved. You can also do it at home on your own terms without any pressure. While providing a fun way to exercise, agility training can help you and your dog manage your weight.

Source: United States Dog Agility Association Inc., Dog Play

Take a dip
Swimming provides low impact, easy-on-the-joints exercise for dogs and owners. Swimming works many muscles at the same time, strengthening you and your dog’s physique. If your dog hasn’t been around water much, do assess first whether he likes the water and can safely enjoy it – not all dogs are natural swimmers.

Source: The Partnership for Animal Welfare 

DogFancy magazine, Piper Romersa

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