Before buying products for their cats and dogs, pet owners want to know more about Invisible Fence® Brand, static correction and our complete indoor and outdoor solutions. That’s why we created a blog series called “Things to Know About Invisible Fence,” where we address frequently asked questions, including the differences between our brand and other pet products on the market. Topics include:
  For this particular blog, we breakdown Invisible Fence Outdoor Solutions, including our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology, GPS Wireless Containment and Outdoor Shields® Plus Solutions.
If there is anything this blog does not cover, please contact our Customer Care team at 800-578-3647 for additional information.

How many different outdoor solutions does Invisible Fence offer?

That is a trick question! Invisible Fence has four primary outdoor products – Traditional Containment, Boundary Plus Technology, GPS Wireless Containment and Outdoor Shields – but we offer infinite outdoor solutions. This is because everything from our technology, to installation, to training, is personalized for your yard and your pet. No solution is identical.
Not only do our Computer Collar® Receivers have millions of settings so each pet’s corrections are customized for their size, temperament and behavior, but your local dealer Invisible Fence dealer can install a system unique for your yard – big properties, small lots, pools, ponds, front yards, back yards, flowerbeds, lakes, rocks, trees, you name it!
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Does Invisible Fence work on any size yard?

Invisible Fence can be installed on large acres, small parcels and uniquely shaped lots.

What is the minimum lot size for an Invisible Fence system?

Typically, we can go down to 1/8th of an acre depending on factors like lot shape and terrain. For small yards, our exclusive Boundary Plus Technology lets your dog or cat play right up to the edge of your property, providing on average 30% more yard space. Where Traditional Containment Systems might be tricky for not-so-square yardage, our Boundary Plus can provide your pet with more room.

What is the maximum lot size for an Invisible Fence system?

There is no maximum yard size. For larger yards more than five acres, we offer a GPS Wireless Containment System that uses GPS satellite technology to set custom boundaries around your property. The only limitations are the parameters you set.

Does Invisible Fence only offer Outdoor Containment?

In addition to being pioneers of the pet containment industry, Invisible Fence also has an Outdoor Shields Plus Solution that helps create avoidance areas in your yard. With adjustable signal fields up to 12 feet in diameter, Outdoor Shields can keep pets away from flower beds, garbage cans, pools, grills, fire pits, lakes, muddy areas and more. The equipment blends in with landscape and is compatible with our other products.

Can different pets have different rules for outside?

Yes! Our Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology allows owners to personalize settings for each pet, which is important for people living in multi-pet homes. First, you can choose which pets can go outside with our Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door. Then, you can choose where each pet can roam.

Do other companies have Boundary Plus Technology?

No. Boundary Plus Technology is exclusive to Invisible Fence. It’s the only electric fence on the market with zero accidental yard lockouts because unlike other systems we do not give pets mixed signals that keep them from re-entering their yard. We take pride in preventing breakout in the first place thanks to our endless boundary that doesn’t allow pets to run beyond the signal’s reach. This gives pets the most room and longest range, while giving owners complete confidence.

For any other Invisible Fence questions, please don’t hesitate to call your local Invisible Fence dealer or contact Customer Support.

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