It’s because his personality is so big. That’s why you let your miniature schnauzer have the master bedroom. If your friends don’t understand, well, phooey on them.

There’s an art to indulging pets - and those of us who’ve been at it the longest know that it’s all about character. Spoiling a pet is not like spoiling child - you can’t just put candy and movie tickets in front of them. You’ve got to notice and appreciate what sets her apart from all other cats in the world and then find that perfect gift which frames her idiosyncracy just right.

Compiling our best-in-show list of holiday gifts, we tried to imagine the delightful cast of characters who’d be on the receiving end of it. 

Who are you buying for?
The Lover Dog
The lover. The collar-to-tail design of the Fido Fleece® Dog Sweater is like a big warm hug for the adorable bounder on your list. It’s also an affordable, top quality garment that looks good, doesn’t pill and repels water and dirt.  $19.99
The Fighter Dog
The fighter. Napoleon complex?  Sometimes you’ve got to stand back and let ‘em work it out. Busy Buddy® Calming Toys - 2 Pack. $19.99
The Eager Beaver Dog
The eager beaver. The Deluxe Easy Walk® Harness is a great, inexpensive gift that will get a lot of mileage this year. Perfect for pullers! $29.99
The Caroler Dog
The caroler. This may be the last year you have to sit through Winston and the neighbor dog doing “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Mount this clever little birdhouse and it’ll be “Silent Night” from here on out. Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control - $69.95
The Thirsty Diva Dog
The thirsty diva. The Drinkwell 360 Multi-Pet Stainless Steel Pet Fountain offers a full gallon of fresh, filtered water extravagantly distributed into a stainless steel basin. She’ll finally feel understood.  $99.99
The Excitable Dog
The excitable one. For some, potty training is the first thing to go when excitement levels rise. Consider removing the Piddle Place™ Portable Pet Potty from the packaging before you wrap it. $104.95
The Fad Dieter Dog
The fad dieter. The pet-world’s answer to the Slow Food Movement, the Healthy Pet Simply Feed 12-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder has a handy Slow Feed Mode that will help your kibble connoisseur savor each meal for a solid 15 minutes. $139.99
The Shy Guy Cat
The shy guy. Among many other convenient features, the ScoopFree® Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box features a privacy hood for the stage-fright afflicted. $159.95
The Outdoorsy Dog
The outdoorsy type. Whether she’s a retriever in fact or in spirit, your ace game keeper will be in rare form this year with the SportDog® FieldTrainer® 425. A hunting season classic praised for it’s “flawless design” by Gun Dog Magazine. $174.95
The Exercise Junkie Dog
The exercise junkie. They made a toy that teaches your dog how to play fetch with himself. Best thing since the hamster wheel: Automatic Ball Launcher - $199.99
The Acrobat Cat
The acrobat. Compact as they come, this indoor Avoidance Solutions twin-pack ensures your resident gymnast gets the space he needs to express himself without endangering any family heirlooms. Micro Shields® Indoor Solution and Shields® Computer Collar® Receiver. $129.00 + $189.95
The Independent Woman Dog
The independent woman. Does she get offended when you hold the door for her? The professionally installed Doorman™ Pet Door has an auto-locking feature that recognizes her computer collar and lets her out - when she’s good and ready, of course. $799.95

Buying gifts for pets may be  indulgent. But with all the normal social obligations out the window, it’s also a simple way to celebrate those disarming characters who bring such joy to our homes. 

Happy holidays - indulge the ones you love!


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