If you are wondering how to keep a dog entertained when home alone, how to prevent separation anxiety or how to prevent your dog from tearing up the house, the answer is TOYS! In addition to Invisible Fence® Brand's indoor and outdoor solutions, toys are another way to keep your dog stimulated.

And with May being National Pet Month, you have all the more reason to treat your pet to a toy. But when choosing the perfect toy for your dog or cat, it's important to ensure they are nontoxic and durable, as well as making sure it is the right fit for their personality.  In this blog, we breakdown the best toys for each type of dog - from heavy chewers, nervous dogs, food-driven dogs, interactive dog toys and more.

Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

If you have a destructive dog who destroys toys, the clean-up can be brutal. It can be frustrating to clean up after dogs rip stuffing out of toys, not to mention the safety hazard for pets that end up eating parts of their destroyed toys.

So if you know your dog is a power chewer, make sure to pick an indestructable dog toy like the Busy Buddy® Ultra Woofer. This is one of the best dog toys for shredders and has extra-wide ends to protect a single ultra-thick rawhide treat ring. This toy will hold your dog’s attention for hours without the mess - perfect for all breeds including Bulldogs, Terriers, Dobermans, Labs, Huskies, Pit Bulls and more.

Toys for Nervous Dogs

While nothing will help a dog suffering from anxiety quite like the presence of its owner, soothing toys can help keep your dog distracted and reduce stress. One of the best toys for anxious dogs is the Busy Buddy® Calming Toys, which are aromatherapy dog toys that are chamomile-scented and dispense food or treats to keep your dog busy playing. These help distract dogs from anxiety or bad behaviour while owners are away. Plus, you can throw them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup!
Dogs suffering from anxiety can also benefit from a simple plush toy. The Pogo Plush® provides a unique bounce-back action that will keep your pup distracted, while the soft exterior will bring comfort. 

Interactive Dog Toys 

If your dog likes to destroy things when you leave, get in the trash or steal from your closet, you may want to consider setting up indoor and outdoor boundaries to keep them safe. In addition to customizing zones for your house, interactive dog toys are a great way to keep dogs busy while you're at work.

For example, some dogs prefer to work with puzzles to keep them entertained while you are away. Interactive dog toys are a great way to keep your pup mentally stimulated. The Busy Buddy® Tug-A-Jug provides a multi-sensory appeal to keep your dog engaged and motivated to play. The unique design of this patented toy allows dogs to see, smell, & hear the treats as they roll around in the jug. 
Just remember, keeping your pet busy while you are away is important. For pet products and training solutions, check out our online store to treat your pet this month.

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