Trust is a kind of interpersonal magic, and you don’t get there by just collecting facts—but when it comes to putting the wellbeing of your long-time companions in someone else’s hands, it doesn’t hurt to have a few good reasons. And so, before we ask you to count on Invisible Fence Brand, we thought it only appropriate to offer some reasons. Ok, a few billion reasons. We got excited.

We know what you’re thinking: How do we accomplish such feats? Coming prepared to every meeting, consultation, installation and training is one of our recipes for success.  In fact, your Invisible Fence Brand support team comes equipped with a number of exclusive tools that ensure you and your pet get the personalized care you deserve. The most popular of these tools has got to be the CF-3000, a nifty looking gadget which creates something downright stunning—your pet’s Digital Report Card. Not only does the DRC give you a play-by-play of how your pet is adjusting to the system, it also provides an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your system’s performance—ensuring that everything is installed according to your specifications and running perfectly. 

Your pet’s Computer Collar® Receiver is another such tool that makes Invisible Fence the only genuinely customized solution for your home and pet. Every Invisible Fence Brand collar is capable of approximately 1,084,752,000 custom collar combinations which ensure that your pet gets the reminder that is right for her—not right for her species or breed only, but right for her—your one-in-a-billion pet.  And if it’s reliability you’re looking for in an electronic pet fence—that deceptively small Computer Collar Receiver communicates with the transmitter at any given moment using some 12,000 lines of code, so neither your pet nor her collar misses a thing.

But preparedness can’t account for everything. A lot of our success in recent years—reaching the 3 million mark in satisfied customers or celebrating our 43rd anniversary as the original brand in pet containment—comes from sheer forward momentum. With each new dealer opening across the country, each new trainer completing certification in our exclusive Perfect Start™ Plus protocol, and each new client discovering that perfect suite of solutions, Invisible Fence fulfills its promise to deliver real change to your life at home with your pet. Our founder Richard Peck probably didn’t know he was creating an industry when he filed his first computer collar patent in 1973, but that’s how things turned out. At least by our count.


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