Our furbabies mean the world to us, but when life gets hectic, we sometimes let their needs fall by the wayside. National Pet Wellness Month in October is a great excuse to get back on track and here are some easy ways to pamper your dog every day this month – and every month! 
  1. Get outdoors - Take a walk, go for a hike or play fetch. Regular exercise is crucial for dogs, and their parents! 
  2. Increase hydration - Dogs need approximately one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day.
  3. An apple a day - Keep your companion’s teeth clean and breath fresh with an apple, a great low-calorie treat (just remember to remove the core and seeds).
  4. Teach a new trick - A new challenge will keep your pooch’s mental reflexes sharp, and impress your friends.
  5. Think outside the crate - Our Indoor Shields® Plus Solution lets pets enjoy their indoor freedom without any trouble or property damage.
  6. Add in orange foods - Pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots are all high in fiber for good gastrointestinal health.
  7. Visit your dog park - Because our four-legged friends need social time, too. 
  8. Boost omegas - Fish, flax seeds and coconut oil are rich in the beneficial fatty acids that reduce inflammation and make coats shiny. 
  9. Eliminate yard hazards - Check out this list to protect your dog and property. 
  10. Give them some QT - Be sure to regularly make time for just you and your best friend. Even a good nap or brushing session will do the trick.
  11. Fleas be gone! - Keep your buddy comfortable and flea-free with a safe oral or topical control product. Vacuum your home regularly and wash your dog’s bed and toys often. 
  12. Do Your homework - Every dog has different nutritional needs, so research the best diet for your pet’s age, weight and breed, and learn what those dog food labels really mean. 
  13. Schedule a check-up - Even if your pet is healthy, regular veterinary exams will help you stay on top of preventive medications, vaccines and bloodwork. 
  14. Protect against poisons - Educate yourself on these common indoor dog poisons so your pet can’t get his paws on them.
  15. Check the chip - If your dog has a microchip, check to make sure all your registration information is up-to-date in case he’s ever lost or stolen. 
  16. Pamper your pooch - Make an appointment for a new doggy do and PET-icure.
  17. Spay or neuter early - This protects their health, improves behavior and reduces the tendency to run away from home. 
  18. Grant freedom - Install a pet door so your dog can come and “go” as he or she pleases.
  19. Brush up - Prevent gum disease and infections with a good brushing, dental treats or even an occasional pro cleaning. 
  20. Buy a puzzle toy - Interactive toys keep our pets physically and mentally fit.
  21. Evict ticks - Stay on top of preventive medication, perform a daily full-body check and keep a tidy yard.  
  22. Set safe outdoor boundaries - Let Buster loose with our exclusive Boundary Plus® technology, providing up to 30% more yard space for your pet to run.
  23. Grow your family - Dogs are pack animals by nature and share special bonds with other dogs we humans just can’t deliver. Hint: October is also Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month, so now’s a good time to consider adding to your “family.”
  24. Keep a close watch - Look for changes in your dog’s weight, energy level and temperament, and notify your vet of any changes. This Dog Symptom Checker can help you ID potential health problems. 
  25. Lather up - No more dirty dog! Read these tips for making bath time a pleasant experience for your fur ball. 
  26. Splurge on a good dog bed - Got a marathon napper on your hands? Cushion your dog’s joints and bones (and save your furniture) with a comfy sleep station all his own.
  27. Safeguard property - Eliminate these common outdoor dog poisons before you send your dog out to play. 
  28. Open the curtains - Sunlight improves your dog’s mood and gives him a warm napping spot. (This tip works great for people, too!)
  29. Go on an outing - Just like humans, dogs can get stir-crazy, so let them tag along for errands, trips to the pet store or a dog-friendly café. 
  30. Apply sunscreen - If your dog is outside regularly, prevent sunburn on his or her nose, ears and belly with pet-safe sunscreen. (Tip: feed your dog immediately after application so he doesn’t lick off the lotion.) 
  31. And finally, just one more belly rub, please! - Well-loved pets are truly the happiest and healthiest, so be sure to put snuggle time on today’s agenda. This not only helps them, but petting can also lower your blood pressure.

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