Like all successful companies, Invisible Fence® Brand began with a lightbulb moment—a vision destined to make waves in the marketplace and change the way millions of people live with their pets. But that was 1973. Many imitators have cropped up since we patented the world’s first electronic pet fence. How do we manage to stay ahead of the pack?

43 years ago we set the bar . . .

Imitation is the finest form or flattery, so we don’t worry when our best practices catch on. Competitive pricing over traditional fencing, indoor and outdoor product options, and basic services like a free in-home consultation, full-service installation, nationwide dealer support and lifetime warranties, are all staples of the Invisible Fence Brand experience that are today’s industry standard.

and we’ve been raising it ever since.

But four decades of experience is bound to give you an edge here and there. As an Invisible Fence Brand customer, you’ll enjoy a number of advantages you simply can’t find elsewhere:
  • Integrated indoor and outdoor solutions allow total-home protection and independence
  • Sleek, tech-savvy solutions backed by 9 active patents
  • Exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology guarantees unrivaled security and reliability—not to mention 30% more space in the yard
  • Exclusive Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology provides a litter of customization options for homes with multiple pets—even homes with dogs and cats
  • Exclusive GPS 2.0 Pet Fence delivers an out-of-this-world wire-free boundary for lots of 3 acres or more
  • Exclusive behaviorist-approved protocol ensures only the best humane, personalized training for your unique pet
  • Successful implementation in over 3 million homes
A vote for Invisible Fence Brand is a vote for cutting-edge technology, a training program that’s rigorously vetted and always custom to you, and all the support that comes from 43 years of stable growth.

Once upon a time, Invisible Fence Brand was alone in the market created by our founder’s one-in-a-million idea. Today, we’re just in a class by ourselves.

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