“Oh, no problem, we can totally host this year.”

It was like an out-of-body experience, the words taking leave of your mouth with so little regard for the muffled sobs of your heart. Oh, what now? Now you’ve got a five-course meal to prepare, a guest bedroom to remodel and a dog to enroll in in-law behavior school. 

But let’s start at the beginning: Meal prep. What will Bella be into while you’re rooting for giblets?

Let’s be clear - there’s nothing wrong with giving your dog a small dose of crate time. As zero hour approaches, an uninterrupted afternoon may be all that stands between that dazzling holiday feast you’re envisioning and, well, Christmas duck at Chop Suey Palace.

And whether or not you use a crate, there’s a number of more dire reasons to keep your dog out of the kitchen this year, too - and they’re all on the menu: salmonella in raw eggs and turkey, allium in garlic and onions, myristicin in nutmeg, theobromine in chocolate, alcohol in drinks and from active dry yeast, and the mystery toxin in grapes and raisins. These standard-fare poisons promise repercussions ranging from mild tummy trouble to acute kidney failure, and their ubiquity in the holiday menu pretty much spoils your dog’s fun for the whole day - food prep, appetizers, main course, dessert and cocktail hour included. 

Still, you can’t live in a state of emergency for a full four-day weekend - and no pet can be expected to sit idly by as  laughter and buttered mashed potatoes waft beckoningly into her crate. 
Better with Boundaries
One way to curb the risk and nix the crate this Thanksgiving is to introduce new boundaries around your home. DIY boundaries could include hiding the trash can behind a cupboard door, blocking an entryway with a baby gate, or, let’s see, fortifying the dining room table with a perimeter of shoji screens. But if vintage Japanese clashes with your home decor, there are other, less visible ways of redirecting animal traffic when the party’s in full swing.

The surest way we know for pet parents to remove all worry, watching and wincing from their holiday gathering is by investing in some  indoor fencing magic from Invisible Fence® Brand. Indoor, you say? Yes, using the same Computer Collar Receiver set-up as our industry leading outdoor containment systems, our Indoor Solutions establish new ground rules in the house that pets can learn quickly and naturally, ensuring their own safety, your sanity and the immediate preservation of your favorite stuff. 

Two Invisible Fence Brand Indoor Solutions may prove particularly nifty for your holiday entertaining this year:

Indoor Shields® Plus Solution
Want more coverage? Our most comprehensive indoor solution, the Indoor Shields® Plus Solution helps pets avoid medium sized areas like a dining room table, kitchen island or commercial-grade range.

Micro Shields® Solution
Want something small, but effective? Perfect for compact areas containing valuables or non-consumables,  Micro Shields® Solution is the most discreet way to teach your pet to avoid a favorite chair, fireplace, stovetop, trash can or indoor plant.

With Invisible Fence Brand’s Indoor Solutions, practically every entry in the holiday horrors list can be eliminated with no more to-do than a collar and a wall unit. Turkey-burdened ovens, salmonella soaked trash bags and indigestible plants can all make your dog’s undesirables list before the in-laws can say so good to see you. 

Sounds nice, you say, but can you really do it this holiday season?


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