The holidays are here! And if you consider your pet part of the family (and who doesn’t?), then you’ll want to have this list of our 10 Ultimutt Pet Presents and get to shopping. From a Cat Tree Tower that’ll have your feline feeling like she’s climbing from tree top to tree top to a Sofa Dog Bed that’s perfect for lazy Sundays, you’re sure to find a red bow-worthy idea in this gift guide. Here’s our 10 need-now pet gifts, which are all only a bark, purr and a click away.
  1. The FOMO Struggle is Real - Your sidekick never has to miss an adventure (aka, a trip to the store) again thanks to this Deluxe Tagalong Booster Seat
  2. Queen of the [Cat] Castle - Whoever said “less is more” never checked out the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. This ultimate jungle-themed tower will provide your favorite feline with unending entertainment – and hopefully keep them from scratching up the sofa. 
  3. Snuggle Buddy - When you’re not around for belly rubs or back scratches, your pets can cozy up to a Cuddle Clone, a custom-made stuffed animal twin. We 💙 this and your pet will, too! And you’ll feel good knowing part of the proceeds go to worthwhile pet causes around the world.   
  4. Let Freedom Ring - Is there any other gift better than a little I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-c-e? Let your pets come and “go” as they please, whether it’s a potty break or squirrel chase, with a Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door. Advanced collar safety technology lets you control the timing and make sure only your pet has access. 
  5. Five-Star Dining - Old Tupperware just isn’t gonna cut it anymore. Your pet should enjoy this year’s holiday feast from his or her very own Marble Personalized Pet Bowl. Make meal time extra special by cooking up one of these 24 Christmas Dinner Recipes for Dogs or your own version of a Jelly Donut for Hanukkah.
  6. Go Gourmet - Speaking of eating, no animal’s stocking is complete without some Christmas morning goodies, like a Smokehouse Femur Bone or these Wild-Caught Salmon Treats
  7. Bed Fit for a Couch Potato - If your pooch has perfected the art of loafing, it may be time to upgrade to this Sofa Dog Bed – and get some of your precious couch square footage back. 
  8. The Gift That Keeps Giving - Spoil your dog or cat all year long with a subscription to BarkBox or MeowBox, filled with seasonal toys, treats and other surprises. 
  9. Less Naughty, More Nice - More time indoors in winter can mean more restlessness and temptation for mischief. Keep pets and your belongings safe with a Micro Shields® Indoor Solution and Shields® Computer Collar® Receiver. 
  10. Ride in Style - Ready to get back on that bike and health kick for the New Year? You and your furry friends will both appreciate this Bicycle Trailer – it’s leash-free and nice for older pets. 
We can’t put a price tag on all those slobbery kisses but we can show our pets how much we care about them this season. Happy Holidays from all the humans and animals at Invisible Fence!

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