Costumes? Check! Candy? Stocked. (for now!) With those taken care of, now’s a good time to make plans to protect your pets during all the Halloween madness yet still enjoy the night. Here are a few simple ingredients to brew up a safe Halloween for all. 

Safeguard the Stash. Candy is the main attraction, we get it. But chocolate, sweets and sugar substitutes can be dangerous, possibly even fatal, for animals. Keep the candy bowl out of paw’s reach to prevent possible poisoning and choking on hazards like lollipop sticks and plastic wrappers. Have your own dog or cat treats nearby so they can get in on the Halloween action. These Cranberry Pumpkin Treats will make your dog roll over and beg!

Pet Proof Décor. You may aim to have the spookiest house on the block, but remember that some decorations can be hazardous. Don’t leave curious kitties unattended near lit jack-o-lanterns, and make sure wires and cords aren’t tempting your dog to chew. If you plan to put out carved pumpkins, corn or hay, just make sure pets don’t nibble on them, as they can cause choking and digestive issues. 

#DogsofInstagram Ready? Get your pet’s Instagram-worthy costume all planned out. Do a dress rehearsal the night before to make sure she’s safe and comfortable. The costume should not inhibit breathing, movement, vision, hearing, or cause any distress or unusual behavior. Also, remove any accessories and small items that could get eaten. But most importantly, share lots of hysterical pics with your friends!

There’s Monsters at the Door! The sounds of goblins, lots of unfamiliar faces and smells, and scary costumes can be a real nightmare for some animals. Dogs and cats who get anxious or territorial around strangers and loud noises should be placed somewhere safe in the house and skip the trick-or-treating. And when opening the front door for children, be sure your pet can’t dart outside. 

When the Unthinkable Happens. A little prep can help you be ready to handle the unexpected. Did you know that the number of lost and stolen animals goes up significantly on Halloween night? Check to make sure dog tags are in place and if your animal has a microchip, be sure registration info is up-to-date. Have your vet’s number in your phone’s contact list and even add the closest 24-hour vet clinic for peace of mind. We even suggest adding the Pet Poison Helpline, a 24/7 Animal Poison Control Center.

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