Allowing your dog to take part in the wedding ceremony may be small consolation for forcing him to share you with another person--or worse yet--with another dog. Remind your most loyal companion how much he means to you with this short list of ideas for a pet-friendly wedding. 
Remember less is more: snag an idea or two and let your maid of honor do the work!
Planning. Whether it’s a Chihuahua or a Clydesdale, introducing an animal into your wedding is always going to be a gamble. Cut down the variables with a little forethought.
1. Venue. Thankfully, wedding venues and reception halls are following the larger trend toward pet-friendliness, so you should have luck here. And depending on your locale, you might even find a wedding planner who does “human wedding design with fur kids in mind.”
2. Dress. While wedding dresses aren’t typically tailored for “dog-friendly,” the recent trend in modular elements (detachable bows and layers) is the closest thing to it. Ask around. (For the guys, a tastefully designed paw-print tie could be the perfect wink-wink nudge-nudge for your wedding theme.)
3. Cake. If your buddy’s making an appearance at the reception, the canine-in-a-tux wedding topper is a no-brainer, but go the extra mile with a dog-friendly second cake (no xylitol sweetener, raw vanilla extract, raisins, grapes, chocolate, or macadamia nuts).

Bachelorette Party. Because besties come in all shapes and sizes.
4. SODWP. That stands for “significant-other dog watching party,” and it may be the ideal scenario if you and your pet-owning friends want to secure a worry-free night on the town.
5. Urban lady. Walking a dog in the city hasn’t been the same since Audrey Hepburn and her Yorkie hits the streets in the 1960s. Include your pup in the fun and start ladies’ night off with some glamour shots.

Ceremony & Pictures. All the money, nerves,  pomp and circumstance make the modern wedding a prime candidate for the levity police. Canine to the rescue!
6. Ring bearer. With a little pre-show training and day-of energy maintenance (play fetch before the ceremony!), your little ring bearer will be perfectly poised to steal the show. A bow-tie collar is a nice touch--just make sure the ring box is fastened behind her head so it doesn’t get eaten!
7. Photo op. The Knot recently observed that “trash-the-dress” wedding shoots are making way for an indoors-oriented nod to the Southern bridal portrait tradition. Choose a photographer who can help you get your aristocrat on, and don’t forget the British Royal Pup.
Reception. Round out your sub-theme with some cute canine touches at the after-party.
8. Gift table. An inter-species twist on the advice jar: Set out a dog house card box inviting guests to share reflections on the joys of life with pets.
9. Best man speech. Once the speeches start up, hoist your dog onto your lap and point her to the action. When the time is right, grab the mic, introduce your “junior maid of honor,” and put that diva on the P.A. What could go wrong?
10. Cake cutting. Scoop up the pups and put an adorable new twist on the icing-on-the-nose thing.
11. First dance. Melt the room with a muzzle snuggle for a first dance. Ask the DJ (or playlist) to cue up “Best of Friends” or  “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” and have your spouse, spouse’s pet and wedding party join in too!
Whether you’re thinking about calling on your wingman for the bachelorette party, ceremony, or reception or honeymoon,  the last thing you’ll want to consider is a reliable option for containment. If you and your spouse-to-be already have pets trained on an Invisible Fence® Brand System, re-creating your pet’s secure home environment on-the-go is pretty doggone easy with an Indoor or Outdoor Shields Unit. Learn more. 


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