Just like humans, pets need a fitness regimen to keep them on the path to good health. The first key in any pet fitness regimen is you! As the owner, it is up to you to set the routine, find the motivation and get out there and exercise with your pet. Most experts feel that a thirtyminute routine, four times a week is sufficient for a dog of normal health. However, if you suspect that your pet has any physical limitations, you should consult your vet before beginning any exercise routine.

For dogs you have several options. You can either break your routine into two, fifteen minute sessions or if you and your pet are up to it, you can do the full thirty minutes all at once. Your exercise options include a vigorous game of fetch, a long walk or jog, or any game to get your pet's heart pumping.

Exercise Benefits

  • Pets who have had their bodies and their minds stimulated by regular play tend to act out problem behaviors less frequently.
  • Your pet will be gaining social skills by interacting with you 
    on a regular basis.
  • The bond between you and your pet will be strengthened, creating an even happier home life for you both.
  • Your pet's health will be improved so that they can live a longer and healthier life.

Source:  Jennifer Degtjarewsky,iVillage

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