Cast that low-carb diet to the wind and break out the elastic-waist pants. Thanksgiving’s nearly here and that means soon we’ll be cooking, eating, napping and repeating. But while the kids are fighting over the turkey wishbone, make sure your pet isn’t sneaking bites under the table or scrounging for dangerous scraps in the trash can. 

During the holidays, watch out for these and other pet threats so everyone stays happy and hazard free this jolly season. 

Paws Off. Aside from your grandmother’s questionable fruit cake, we love it when family and friends drop off holiday food baskets. Just don’t leave these goodies by the door, under the tree or anywhere else where little paws can get to them. Foods like certain kinds of nuts, fruits, cheeses and chocolate can be dangerous, even potentially fatal, for pets. 

Drinks Up. Stocking up on spirits for a little more merriment? Keep ‘em up high and out of reach. Alcoholic beverages, as well as drinks like tea and soda, should be off limits to dogs and cats. While this may be a no brainer, alcohol poisoning in pets is more common than you think with alcohol hidden in surprising places like rum-soaked fruitcake or unbaked dough containing yeast. Watching a 12-pound bird roast for hours may require caffeine (and patience) for the cook –  just know that pets are much more sensitive to caffeine than people so keep this beverage out of reach as well.

It’s Not All Gravy, Baby. We all drool over a beautiful Thanksgiving turkey but whatever you do, don’t give your dog a bone! Turkey and chicken bones can cause choking and serious intestinal damage and nobody wants to end up at the emergency animal hospital on a holiday, or any day. You can give your pets a taste of the meat only, just remove the excess skin and fat. And if your dog or cat is well, a little portly, give them a small taste of white meat only. 

Tummy Troubles. With so many hidden pet dangers in holiday fare, pay a little closer attention to your four-legged family members during the season (extra belly rubs welcome). Here are some symptoms to know before you go (to the vet): vomiting, increase in drooling, loss of appetite, mild sluggishness, diarrhea or loose stools, unintentional aggression or other changes in behavior, excessive shivering and others. If you suspect your cat or dog got into the holiday fare, be ready to act. Head to the emergency vet immediately if your pet is in pain and exhibiting symptoms. Add the 24/7 Pet Poison Helpline to your phone before the season’s chaos begins.  

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