You don’t have to be a Luddite to think twice before putting a “shock collar” on your best friend. And maybe the lingering stigma around today’s electronic collars and fences is a relic from the distant past, but every pet owner is entitled to the facts. What are the real risks with today’s electronic containment devices? Will they hurt my pet? Will it cause aggressive behavior? 

Below we debunk some common myths about pet correction technology--and explain why Invisible Fence Brand is far and away the pet lover’s choice among e-fence providers.

8 myths about “shock collars” and e-fences (straight-talk from an interested party)
  1. “E-fence” is marketing speak for electric fence. False. An electric fence is a military-grade property protection measure designed to emit a charge regardless of the source of contact. An electronic pet fence (especially one with the Invisible Fence Brand name on it) is a customizable teaching tool and containment device that responds directly to your pet’s movement with a low-current pulse that is adjusted to your pet’s size, breed and temperament.
  2. E-collars cause burns. False. Thermal burns occur at a frequency discharge of 3,000 to 5,0000 Hz from a source producing 5 amps. Invisible Fence Brand Receivers emit a maximum of 100 milliamps. That’s 2% of the power needed to create a burn (and about 40% less than the shock you’d received from a nylon carpet on a low-humidity day).
  3. pic-correction-blog.jpgContact points cause abrasions. False. Pressure necrosis (inflammation and edema) is caused by chronic irritation or reduced vascular flow from over-tight or rarely-adjusted collars. Invisible Fence Brand trainers always ensure proper collar fit and leave you with best practices for collar removal and rotation (removal every 12 hours is recommended), coat thickness and regular inspection. 
  4. E-collars provoke aggressive behavior. False. Aggressive behavior is the result of confused pets being exposed to non-customized, high-levels of correction without any regard for breed, size, temperament or training as this 2014 study famously showed. Personalized attention and reward-based training drastically reduce aggressive responses to electronic containment, as it allows pets to learn the rules of the system and find reward and satisfaction in following those rules.
  5. Low correction levels are ineffective. False. Most small to mid-size pets and mild-temperament breeds need only the lowest level of correction during training before they learn to interpret the signal correctly and require only a warning tone for daily correction thereafter.
  6. Battery leaks are common with e-collars. False. In line with increased quality standards for all battery types across industries, Invisible Fence Brand Power Cap Batteries are sealed to prevent battery acid leaks. Additionally, our Computer Collar Units are waterproof, preventing liquids of any kind from getting in or out.
  7. E-collars can be misused. True. But this is more of a concern with manually controlled, remote trainers. Invisible Fence Brand is a full-service provider. This means we not only deliver full-service installation and training, but we also schedule a follow-up visit for full-service system adjustments. This means all modifications to your pet’s correction level and boundary area are done by an authorized Invisible Fence Brand specialist. Other full-service providers may allow “keychain amplification,” but we believe pet welfare should take precedent over user convenience in certain cases. 
  8. E-fences are erratic, often giving pets confusing corrections. True. For most. But with Invisible Fence Brand’s exclusive Boundary Plus technology, confusing and unwarranted corrections are now a thing of the past. Our Free Pass Technology utilizes revolutionary Signal Start Polarity and accelerometers that effectively opens the door for prodigal pets to return to the yard. Learn more.pic-2-correction.jpg
Ok, but it will shock my pet, right? True. However unpopular the word may be, electronic containment systems do emit a shock. But before your mind takes a turn for the medieval, remember, the static correction utilized in Invisible Fence Brand Pet Fences and collars is not only a “shock” of a different degree (2% the electrical potential required for a burn), but of a different kind. Currents that cause acute pain and burns require a mix of power, concentration, duration and tissue resistance. While our 5 amp, low-current, pulsed technology is not lacking in power, that power is framed and checked to rule out any chance of long or blunt exposure to electrical stimuli.

Since the technology has so many safeguards in place, the risks associated with your Invisible Fence Brand Solution are overwhelmingly those of human error. And that’s where our Invisible Fence Brand pet professionals come in. Not only will you be relieved to see our cautious, caring and personal approach to your pet’s training; you’ll discover firsthand that parent training is just as high on our priority list.

As one satisfied customer wrote to us recently: 

“Everything from the first phone call to the last training session was without flaw. [Your professional trainer] walked me through the entire process and didn't leave until I felt 100% comfortable with the product. The appointment, training and follow up was just as professional. My dog understood her yard and area, and when I had a question or concern they were there to answer.”

If you’re thinking about giving it a try, contact your local Invisible Fence Brand dealer today.


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