Household Cleaning Agents

  • Drain Cleaner is extremely dangerous - very toxic and deadly
  • Tub & tile cleaners that removes lime
  • Products containing disinfectants can be caustic


  • Medicine bottles are seen as rattling toys to a puppy, who once he gnaws the bottle open, can eat the pills inside as treats
  • Human medication and the possible combinations that can occur in a dog can be deadly

Mouse & Rat Baits

  • Bait can cause bleeding or seizures, place bait in an unavailable area
  • Plastic casings are seen as a challenge to get to the treat inside

Ant/Roach Poison

  • These baits are not poisonous to dogs
  • The true danger comes from the plastic casings, which, if eaten, can harm a dog's insides


  • Caffeine - can be found in chocolate, coffee, coffee grounds, soda, etc. - can cause an irregular heartbeat and affects the nervous system
  • Onions & Garlic affect the blood
  • Rising dough - fermentation creates alcohol and the rising of the dough can cause bloat.
  • Macadamia Nuts cause weakness
  • Moldy foods, especially dairy can cause tremors
  • Bones - they may look like fun, but some, like chicken bones, can splinter easily


  • Contains irritating substances
  • Can cause mouth sores


  • Can affect the nervous system and/or the lungs


  • Most newer pennies (after 1983) have a zinc core that is dangerous to pets
  • When swallowed, the outer core dissolves leaving the zinc core to poison the pet damaging blood cells and leading to kidney failure

In case of an emergency get to your vet, the local animal hospital or call 1-888-4 ANI-HELP (888-426-4435). For more information visit:

Source:  Special thanks to Dr. Steven Hanson, Senior Vice President of the National Animal Poison Control Center for his contributions to this piece

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