You have options. That’s the empowering message Michelle Frank has for pet owners who are shopping for a home this Spring and Summer. Frank is a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty in Knoxville, TN, so she’s well aware that her buyers need options - especially with “seller’s market” alarms still sounding from our national media outlets. 

Know thy priorities
According to Frank, clarifying the vision of what you're looking for in your dream house is the first step towards getting where you want to be:

“I always start my consults with what’s called a Needs Analysis. It’s a pretty straightforward process of boiling down to your ‘must-haves.’ You start out with what’s most important in a house, and then what are the ‘extra’ things. It can be difficult to define needs versus wants, but with good parameters in place you can find a house you love even though there’s less available. Low inventory is just a part of the puzzle.”

A perceptive onlooker may ask: What if my “must-haves” are the same as everyone else’s? Doesn’t that just feed the seller’s market? Indeed, a trend of this kind may be already afoot among pet-owning buyers. “A fence is a must-have quite a lot, actually,” Frank says. “It’s one of the top things I get asked. And it’s understandable, of course—they want to let their pets out in the yard and not have to worry about them. But it creates a situation where that feature is in demand across the board.”

Why not ditch the fence?
Fences are a notorious issue with Home Owner’s Assocations, and consequently HOA-governed neighborhoods are often stricken from the list for pet owners on the house hunt. “Typically, HOAs will have a lot of rules,” says Frank, “and some of those rules may prohibit fencing or require very specific fencing—maybe it’s a certain material or height.”

But emerging, HOA-friendly technologies like the containment systems Invisible Fence® Brand offers, introduce something into the situation that buyers need more of these days—options:

“From my point of view, if a client tells me they must have a fence, and they only want to be in a neighborhood that allows for one, obviously I’m going to listen to that and set aside what are otherwise really attractive options. However, with a system like Invisible Fence I can actually introduce another idea and say, ‘Would you be open to this?’ That widens their pool of potential houses, which is really important in a low inventory market.”

The idea that Invisible Fence Brand Solutions may change the landscape for homebuyers is one we’re partial to for obvious reasons, and it’s reminiscent of what a friend at Weichert Realty said recently. We can’t help but wonder: what’s putting our containment systems on the radar for Michelle Frank and other professionals in the real estate industry? Why now?

“It’s all about buyers and what they’re thinking and feeling when they walk through a house. Buyers with pets are unique in that they aren’t just visualizing their spouse and children’s lives in a house - they think about how it would impact their pets as well. It's my job to give my clients as many options as possible to make their dream home a reality."

Michelle Frank is an independent real estate agent licensed in the state of Tennessee. She is currently with Keller Williams Realty, serving both buying and selling clients.


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