Once upon a time, buying an electronic pet fence was strictly a precautionary measure. Get the collar on, receiver running, training completed, and breathe a sigh of relief.  One less thing to worry about. 

But times have changed. Following trends in consolidated, consumer technology, electronic pet containment systems will no longer be limited to their first purposes. Just as the lowly cell phone has become a veritable domestic mainframe for our televisions, refrigerators and thermostats, the electronic pet collar of today has absorbed some exciting new functions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Invisible Fence® Brand—a company with 43 years in the business —is an emerging leader in this charge for tech integration in pet containment. Loyal customers of Invisible Fence® Brand will be familiar with one or more of their suite of solutions which include “traditional” electronic pet fences, compatible indoor and outdoor protection devices, and an ingenious variation on the pet door. 

But our comparison to trendy consumer tech begs the question:  How do all these solutions hang together? Does Invisible Fence® Brand have a grand, synthesizing vision for transforming homes like so many “smart home” brands out there today? For consumers seeking an in-home solution delivering Internet-of-Things level convenience, Invisible Fence® Brand presents Total Solutions.

But hold on. Total Solutions? If that sounds to you like an bank-account clearing, “I’ll take one of everything” proposition—no need to fear. It’s really a service founded on an in-home consultation designed to take your deepest pet-related wishes and match them line-by-line to a range of lightbulb-moment solutions and products. So, the only thing that’s really total in your “Total Solutions” package is the system’s fit to your home, pet and lifestyle.

Indeed, Total Solutions proposes to make your home a pet owner’s paradise by permanently resolving a whole host of stressors and longstanding issues from road hazards and swimming pool security to off-hours potty breaks, new furniture wear-and-tear and foul play at mealtimes. 

In the marketplace of fencing solutions, Total Solutions offers undeniable competitive benefits. Break-outs, for example, have been a problem for signal-based containment for years;  but no longer, thanks to the Boundary Plus® Endless Boundary feature exclusive to Total Solutions’ premium fencing solution. Other systems may still give a confusing correction to prodigal pets returning to the yard, but with Boundary Plus® Solution’s Behaviorally Correct Free Pass mixed messages are a thing of the past. 

Now move from the boundaries of the yard to your pet’s central places of play, and the perks of Total Solutions grow exponentially. Outdoor and Indoor Solutions offer you unmatched zone-control features, letting you custom-design safe spaces for every pet in your home. In fact, households with multiple pets stand to gain most from Invisible Fence® Brand Total Solutions, as common problems from lunch swapping to pet-door privileges get taken head on with the company’s proprietary Different Rules for Different Pets™ Technology. And with Invisible Fence Brand’s  Computer Collar® Receiver at the center of it all, your pet is never without a passport to move freely and safely from room to room, front yard to back, inside the house to out.

In such a gadget-minded industry, ecosystem thinking like this seems to be the real promise of  Invisible Fence® Brand. Having taken the time to lay out the technology and infrastructure necessary to deliver unprecedented safety for pets in their “forever home,” these putative providers of “Total Solutions” seem to say: Why not shoot for convenience, freedom and happiness too, while we’re at it? And for those of us sniffing around for the pet-savvy household of tomorrow, their logic is hard to dispute.

Want to bring the benefits of Total Solutions to your home? Contact your local Invisible Fence® Brand dealer.

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