“Staycations” are fun, but a big road trip with the whole family along—four-legged family included—may be just what the doctor ordered this summer. 

Take a few pointers from our pet travel checklist, and your whole crew will be buckled in and singing “doggy went a-courtin and he did ride” before you can say “uh huh.”

Elements of the Waggin’ Wagon: a checklist

Last minute must-haves (and a few why-nots) for pets travelling first-class in the family van.
  • Itinerary. BringFido.com is a great tool for homing in on some pet-friendly options for lodging, restaurants and attractions along your chosen route. Build in a few fun surprises for your road warrior! 
  • Pet seat. Traditional crate, booster seat, sleeping pod or car hammock - make sure your pet gets first dibs on a secure, comfy spot in your car or RV. 
  • Puppy chow. Pick up some tasty, tough-to-chew road snacks for a savory diversion to while-away the miles.
  • Drive-thru. Hate stopping for dinner? Bring along the dry food and make their meal an engrossing game with a slow feeder or this ingenious Simon contraption.
  • Chew toys. Bring at least one new toy to unveil when boredom kicks in—and a few old ones for comfort when the road is long. (And do yourself a favor: no squeakers!)
  • Window wear. Get your dog in these stylish shades and watch the delight spread over the faces of your fellow motorists.
  • Swaddling clothes. Travel anxiety solution! Designed for dogs or cats, the velcro-secured Thundershirt hugs your pet until you can pull over and do it yourself.   
  • Paper towels and wet naps. Carsickness might be the number one fear for first time travelers-with-pets. But it’s nothing a few ultra-absorbent towels can’t handle!
  • Hotel hacks. Portable pet boundaries like Invisible Fence Brand’s Indoor Shields® Plus Solutions are particularly handy for secure play in an RV or hotel room. 
  • Extra batteries. Whether it’s double A’s for an electronic toy or a Power Cap® Battery for your MicroLite® Plus Computer Collar® Receiver, having a back up supply on hand is liable to earn you hero status for an hour or two. 
  • Sand stuff. Bring a beach blanket, fresh water jugs, pet-nic basket, doggy sunscreen and some variation on the game of Fetch, and you’ve got the makings of an ideal day on the dunes.
  • Trailblazers. Hookworms, horseflies, ticks—oh my! Pick up some pet-formula insect repellent or anti-parasite tablets before hitting the trail this summer.
  • Collar and leash. Sunset jog on the beach or a rest stop to stretch your legs, you’ll be glad you remembered it.

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