Sometimes, despite our best efforts, dogs and cats go missing. Minimize the risks by following this simple ‘roadmap’ to help prevent pets from getting lost or running away.
lost pet prevention month roadmap
  1. Use Pet Identification.
    For every pet, the most essential accessory is a proper-fitting collar and identification tags. Make sure yours are up to date with name, phone number, and even an address if you have room.

  2. Microchip your Dog or Cat.
    If a collar slips off or you forget to put it back on, a microchip will give you extra peace of mind. According to The Humane Society, this simple procedure can be done by a local shelter or veterinarian. Be sure to register with the microchip company and keep them updated if your phone number or address changes.   

  3. Share Lost Pet Posters.
    Your furry friend slipped out during a cookout. Now what? The ASPCA recommends posting flyers around the neighborhood at spots that receive a lot of traffic: grocery stores, veterinary offices, coffee shops, groomers, pet supply stores and more. Use social media to share pics and information and ask others to share with their networks. Community sites like Nextdoor are also great resources. 

  4. Check Your Local Animal Shelter.
    Someone might be searching for you, too! If a pet gets lost with no ID, it’s possible the local shelter could be holding them. Reach out to local shelters in your neighborhood and surrounding counties and provide them with photos, description and contact information in case your pet turns up or someone calls in. You should also scour the classifieds for a pic of your pup. 

  5. Help Your Pet Find His Way Home.
    When trying to capture a loose dog, don’t chase or call loudly to him – this may startle. Getting down on your knees or even lying flat on the ground with a treat can help calm the animal. Once pets have returned home safely – and a sigh of relief has been had – contact your vet depending on his condition. Dehydration and weight loss are common and typically you’ll want to give small amounts of food and water at frequent intervals. Your pet has just been on a stressful adventure so allowing for quiet time is key. Don’t forget to remove local flyers and notices, and share the good news that your pet is safely back home. 

  6. Prevent Lost Pets with Outdoor Containment.
    If your pet is a roamer, give more freedom while setting boundaries with a wireless pet fence and proper training. With the only dog training developed with (and approved by) leading animal behaviorists, our exclusive Perfect Start™ Plus Training ensures a safe, stress-free adjustment to your pet’s territory. Combined with pet containment systems like Boundary Plus®, this maximizes the amount of space pets have to play as well as their understanding of just how far they can go. Click here to learn more


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