Whether you are battling rain or snow, we have tips and tricks to help you make your yard dog-friendly this winter, so your pet can safely enjoy the outdoors (while you are staying warm and relaxed inside!)

Here’s how to make your yard dog-friendly this winter:

Keep Your Dog from Escaping the Yard
First and foremost, keep your dog from escaping the yard. Regardless of the season, it’s important that your dog knows his/her boundaries – but it is especially important to keep your dog close to home during the winter. According to ASPCA, more dogs get lost in the winter because it is easy to lose their scent in snow or ice. Inclement weather such as wind, sleet, ice or hail storms can also cause dogs to stray from their yard. So, whether you have a traditional dog fence or electric dog fence, your pet needs to know its perimeter.
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Pet-Proof Your Yard
In addition to outdoor containment, it is also important to pet-proof your yard to prevent your dog or cat from getting into outdoor hazards. With help from Outdoor Shields® Plus Solution, you can keep your pet out of anything harmful to themselves, like a frozen pond. And you can also prevent your pet from getting into anything harmful to your house, like mud.
Give Your Dog Access to Shelter
One of the most frequent questions pet parents ask is “Can you keep your dog outside in the winter?” And while dogs can go outside in the cold (and many enjoy playing outside in winter weather), leaving dogs in freezing temperatures for extended periods of time can lead to discomfort, frostbite, hypothermia and other conditions – especially if you have a short-haired dog with a thin coat.
If you are going to leave your dog outside in cold weather, it is important that they have access to shelter. Or, better yet? With the Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door, you can program times of day your pet is free to come and go. Since this automatic pet door is fully compatible with other Invisible Fence® Brand indoor and outdoor systems, it will give your pet access inside without letting other critters in too.
The key to a pet-friendly home (and a dog-friendly yard) is to customize it for your family. Invisible Fence® Brand operates all year-round and we install in the snow, so schedule your free in-home consultation today! Just in time for Spring.

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