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The Invisible Fence® Brand company has the right people, product and tools to get the job done right the first time and hassle-free to the homeowner - it’s worth it!

– Kim
Waterford, MI

Veterinarian Recommended

A large national sampling of veterinarian offices were interviewed to gauge awareness, acceptance, and preference of electronic pet containment and Invisible Fence® Brand. The results speak for themselves:

  • Veterinarians are aware of Invisible Fence® Brand products more than twice that of all other competitive systems.
  • Four out of five veterinarians recommend Invisible Fence® Brand solutions to their patients to provide their dogs with safety and freedom.
  • More than 80% of all veterinarians and their staffs who own electronic pet containment systems own an Invisible Fence® Brand solution.

Perfect Start™ Plus Training Protocol

Our Perfect Start™ Plus Training Protocol has been assessed by applied animal and veterinary behavior and training experts. Our protocol is scientifically sound to maximize containment results. And even more importantly, our exclusive training program allows dogs and cats to learn their boundaries without fear, distress, or behavioral harm.

Pet Experts Agree

With our 99.5% success rate and expert opinions like these, you can trust you’re giving your pets the very best.

Behavior problems caused by unspent dog energy strain the human/animal bond. An Invisible Fence® Brand system allows dogs the safe off-leash aerobic exercise they need. The freedom to run, play and explore, unconfined by restrictive fences or dog runs produces dogs who are fun to live with and easier to manage. The key, as I see it, is the combination of training with technology. You must have that right combination for a system such as this to work.

- Dr. Peter Eeg, DVM

Poolesville Veterinary Clinic

I’ve had it for years with several dogs and with proper training, it has been virtually 100% effective. The Invisible Fence® Brand Dealer has always been very prompt with service and providing help when we have needed it.

- Charles Steinman, DVM

Salisbury Animal Hospital

When my clients tell me they are considering a do-it-yourself system, I encourage them to reconsider and call the Invisible Fence® Brand Dealer. I have five dogs, including a Husky, on the system and couldn’t be happier with the product and service.

- Joyce Carnevale, DVM-ABVP

Paw Creek Animal Healthcare

I am a satisfied customer. I have two large dogs and they are extremely content having the freedom to roam with the Invisible Fence® Brand system boundaries. I feel very comfortable with the system and have recommended it often to my clients at my veterinary hospital.

- Richard Hawkins, DVM

Past President, NC Veterinary Medical Association

Not only are many of our clients satisfied customers of Invisible Fence® Brand, but also we can rest assured that our personal dogs are safely contained on our property.

- C.V. Nicopolous, DVM

Twin Lakes Veterinary Services

I certainly made a big mistake trying another electronic containment system. Now that I have switched to the Invisible Fence® Brand, I am very satisfied and will continue to highly recommend Invisible Fence® Brand to my clients.

- Rick Beldegreen, DVM

Newell Hickory Grove Animal Hospital

My dogs adjusted quickly to the Invisible Fence® Brand system, and enjoy the freedom. I do not hesitate to recommend Invisible Fence® Brand to my clients who want an aesthetic, effective method of pet containment.

- Michael Ferguson, DVM

Rock Hill Animal Hospital

My experience with Invisible Fence® Brand has been wonderful. They did an excellent job of setting up the fence and were invaluable when my dogs needed extra training. I believe that Invisible Fence® Brand is the best and I strongly recommend them to every pet owner.

- Amy Lewis, DVM

Falls Village Veterinary Hospital

I have been an Invisible Fence® Brand client for approximately 20 years. The product delivered to the client is based on custom assessment of needs and thoughtful consideration of costs. The product is installed with promptness, accuracy, and assurance that service is a phone call away!

- Dr. Jane Williston

Armstrong Animal Clinic

I have been using Invisible Fence® Brand for the past few years and I find it to be an effective and humane way to contain my two dogs and keep them safe from harm.

- Dr. Brian J. Noble

Champlain Animal Hospital & Omemee Pet Services

As well as being a user of the Invisible Fence® products, I am a veterinarian and I often recommend them to keep pets safely contained and prevent some of the tragic outcomes that I see when pets wander.

- Yvette Waterman-Scott, DVM

Wellington Veterinary Services of Elora, Ontario


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