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The Invisible Fence® Brand company has the right people, product and tools to get the job done right the first time and hassle-free to the homeowner - it’s worth it!

– Kim
Waterford, MI

Customer Testimonials

A few of our two million happy tails

Nothing warms our heart more than hearing customer reviews and true testimonials of how Invisible Fence® Brand has kept your best friends safe and happy. It’s like having a family of two million happy, amazing pets. And it's not just pet owners who love our products- vets love us too! Click here to see what the experts have to say.

Introducing our greyhound, Caesar, to the Invisible Fence® Brand system was easier than I anticipated. He adapted quickly to it, and has never chased anything out of the yard beyond the fence line.

- Jan

Highland Hts, OH

Of all the consumer products I have purchased, the Invisible Fence® Brand system is the only one that far exceeded my expectations, not only in the performance of containing my dogs, but also in the service of the local dealer.

- Mike

Asheboro, NC

The training seemed silly and a waste of money at first but after seeing them work with Ozzy and seeing the benefits that training provided I am convinced that the training is critical to the success of the system. From sales, to installation, to training, to support, and to service, it is a total package with an outstanding product. Invisible Fence® Brand is one of the smartest choices that we made when getting our new puppy. We recommend it to anyone.

- Jeff & Heather

Livonia, MI

We absolutely Love our Invisible Fence® Brand system! We have 3 acres in Oceanside, California enclosed in Invisible Fence® Brand and have felt safe with no problems, since day one. Our Labradors love their freedom and so do we. We feel we have happier, safer, healthier, well-mannered dogs since installing the fence. We cannot thank you enough, except to say that we will tell anyone that has a pet to get Invisible Fence® Brand!

- The Levinsons (Indo, Nesia & Suki)

Oceanside, CA

Lucy has trained so well with the Invisible Fence® Brand. Lucy can use the front yard in addition to the back yard and we are so amazed! Kids, scooters, bikes and other dogs come by and Lucy stays in her yard.

- The Jackson Family

Palatine, IL

We have had the Invisible Fence® Brand system for 6 years in Charlotte and have been extremely pleased with it. When we moved to Winston-Salem, we just called the local dealer and had it installed.

- Mary Ann

Winston-Salem, NC

This company is great. Incredible customer service and teaching. They are always polite, attentive, and helpful. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fence for their dog or cat.

- Beth

Lakeland, FL

From the first contact, to the install, to the training, all the people we worked with were very professional and informative about Invisible Fence® Brand.

- Brian & Becky

Tallmadge, OH

The Invisible Fence® Brand company has the right people, product and tools to get the job done right the first time and hassle-free to the homeowner - it’s worth it!

- Kim

Waterford, MI

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the Invisible Fence® Brand. My dog is so much happier and so are we. We feel a lot more relaxed about just enjoying our dog and not worrying about her safety.

- Judith

Wheeling, IL

Knowing that there are few things that make a big dog happier than a full speed romp, we couldn't have given a better gift to Sam and Gibson than our Invisible Fence® Brand system. Shortly after training, they turned our yard into an athletic venue! Thanks to Invisible Fence® Brand, they can visit their very own dog park several times per day!

- Matt

Naples, FL

We wanted a pet containment system that was a ‘sure thing’ – not one that would need to be reinstalled. We were especially comforted by the fact that Invisible Fence® Brand has a great reputation with our vet and dog trainer. Having the indoor system has made a huge difference for us – our puppy is safe and secure in ‘his’ areas of the house.

- Bill & Geralin

Cary, NC

I am writing to inform you of how much we love our Invisible Fence® Brand. It not only saves me a lot of time as I no longer have to walk my dog outside on a leash for ‘potty breaks’ but it also gives our family peace of mind knowing that our dog will be kept safe. What an outstanding product!

- Sherry

Trenton, MI

Now we can just open the door and let Rowdy outside, and we don’t have to worry about him running off. Everyone who owns a dog should have an Invisible Fence® Brand system.

- Albert

Greensboro, NC

When we moved to a large unfenced property, our German Shepherd had to stay tied up, which she was unhappy about. If we let her wander she would chase the deer and other wildlife and also intimidate people walking by. After we had the Invisible Fence® system installed and some excellent training, she was free to wander within the boundaries of the property and not be chasing wildlife and neighbours! Thank you Invisible Fence® Brand!

- Jane and Larry

Onanole, Manitoba


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